Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dolphin Encounter

While fishing with Grampa on the new boat cousins Zach and Matt had had some success and there were 2 trout and a redfish in the cooler. The kids were beginning to melt down, #2 had sliced her foot open on an oyster and it was agreed that we should head in. Then we saw her...

swimming near the boat, coming up for air periodically. Miss Thing swears that she was spitting on her each time the opening and closing of her blowhole made a little splash. In an effort to reward this brave and curious mammal for coming so close and letting the kids marvel at her we quickly opened the live well and started grabbing bait fish and shrimp. After a busy weekend of fishing there wasn't much left to be had. It didn't take long to turn to Zach. The perfectly good keeper that he had caught was resting peacefully in the cooler and would make a perfect dinner for our new friend. He never volunteered, but when two Moms and 3 kids looked longingly at him he conceded and sacrificed dinner for a dolphin.

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  1. Great story. Dad's porpoise tale this year was that he had three, flanking his bait, waiting for HIM to catch a fish so that they could relieve him of it.

    In all our years we have never seen one go for bait fish so tell Alex he did the right thing.