Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Glass Castle

Hero Husband and I have a running joke about how we got "screwed up" as kids...who hasn't frankly, but up to this point our kids have lead relatively easy, sunny, swimmy, balloons and birthday party kind of lives. The joke part is in when we discuss what we should do to damage them to some degree so they end up being upstanding members of society cause everyone knows that the kids with sunshine and rainbow childhoods are narcissistic, shifty eyed, societal moochess that whine, kick their dogs and nobody wants to hang out with.

If that anecdotal analysis proves true then Jeannette Walls is the most perfectly formed, well mannered, emotionally connected, communicative, zen woman on the face of the earth.

You must read the book.

If I was still feeling wronged by James Frey and his shenanigans I just might think she made it up, but I am feeling kind of rainbows and sunshine tonight... darn it there I go again.

Thanks for the referral Crystal and yes Hero Husband I am finally going to bed now mwah!

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