Thursday, August 21, 2008


Who is this you may ask...Alzbeta (Betty) is her name and she is the newest memeber of our family! 48 hours ago Amanda (my awesome "right hand" girl at the office) came in and mentioned to me that there were some exchange students who hadn't been matched yet with families and Tanya (her mom) wanted to talk to me about it...Then they sent me Betty's application. Could she be more perfect? No I don't think so! A flurry of applications, background checks, emails and to do lists has culminated in a 10 month commitment to Betty and her family.
I got off the phone with her an hour ago and her flight is booked. She arrives in Austin in almost exactly a week. The kids think she is pretty and are excited to meet her and learn all about the Czech Republic. Super Son thinks he knows where it is on the globe already so I will quiz him this evening.

We are going to start making our signs this weekend! Betty - We can't wait to meet you in person!


  1. How fun. I'm looking foward to reading a little bit about her thoughts on Austin.

  2. Where is she going to school?
    signs? For the airport?

  3. signs for the airport...she will be at Bowie