Sunday, September 14, 2008

Family Field Trip

Every time we take a trip on Mopac that reaches further than 2222 Super Son gets the chance to marvel at Camp Mabry. Someone must have had him in mind when they placed airplanes and helicopters on display so close to the highway. Betty told me about free museum day in Austin so we decided to go visit the Camp Mabry Military Museum. It was much larger than I expected and full of interesting photos, equipment and vehicles. Super Son was beyond excited and both he and Miss Thing enjoyed dressing up in a soldier's real gear and climbing into the cockpit of an airplane. Overall the morning was a hit. We ended it with a trip to Which Wich (awesome by the way) and home for a nap. The Blanton or the Children's museum is on the agenda for the afternoon if everyone wakes up in a good mood that is...

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