Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor of Love

What's more fun on labor day than a meme about...well...labor(ing)

How long was your labor?

Super Son 7 hours
Miss Thing 5 hours

I had the luxury of "enjoying" the labor experience because I knew that i got to say when it was all over

How did you know you were in labor?

Super Son I couldn't stand up straight when I was talking
Miss Thing I remembered that Super Son hadn't gotten to paint my belly and knew if I waited until he woke up the next day he would be painting a wobbly baby free belly and let him stay up late to paint me (into a giant baseball)

Where did you deliver?

Both Babies Same hospital where I was born


Both Babies Don't have much choice when they are cutting you open - Spinal block my friends


See above...Super Son decided that upside down, backwards and folded in half with his feet by his ears was a comfy place to be from 25 weeks on...didn't have much of a choice about the knife with him
Miss Thing Daddy insisted on the knife because the injury rates with VBAC were almost entirely on Daddy's girl. I was willing to give it a try, but only if it was my neck on the line, not Miss Thing at risk. Knife number two it is.

Who delivered?

Super Son Dr. Phillips ~ He and Daddy talked sports in the hall until the nurses came to get him and tell him to get to business. Due to a poorly positioned surgical light I got to watch the reflection of the whole kit and kaboodle.
Miss Thing The very handsome Dr. Uribe who I tried to bribe into a little nip and tuck while he had me open. He didn't take me up on it.

Both times I begged the anesthesiologist to let me keep my hands free to touch my little one when they arrived. Both times they let me only because I swore I wouldn't cross the sterile barrier. With Super Son I was shaking so hard (lovely drugs) that I had to grab on to the drapery poles and hang on to keep from reaching past the barrier.

So there you go. Feel free to join in. You can link up at Rocks In My Dryer who's name made me laugh out loud. I can't even count the number of times I have had rocks in my dryer. What I should be counting is the number of things weirder than rocks I have found in my dryer.

I think irrigation piping stuffed with sticks and twigs was the weirdest....what was yours?


  1. Funny! My blog probably isn't a place to post my labor stats but I'll tell YOU!
    kid number one...7 weeks. Hospitialized. She came 3 weeks early. Kid number two contractions started at 9 weeks, 10-12 every hour until delivery at 36 weeks gestation. In and out of the hospital and bedridden the entire time.

    Drugs? Only to stop (ha) the labor. I set a national record with terbutalyn. Most amt of meds for the longest in a pregnant human. They stopped using that drug. At birth? Nothing, no epidurals no drugs. I almost blacked out with one contraction I had with Dylan. The labor nurse was VERY concerned...with how much I squeezed my husband's hand. She brought him a cot to lay on, and made me wait to have my episiotomy stitched up until he was comfy.


    In my dryer I find nails, and wire and carrots, and (oops) memory cards and hay. Lots of hay.


  2. I love labor stories. How awesome that he let you keep your hands free to touch you're beautiful babies.