Sunday, September 28, 2008


There are lots of things that I love that I don't think about every day. Today I was reminded of one of them and laughed out loud as Miss Thing said "Let me see too Mommy" and was promptly educated on one of her mother's idiosyncrasies. My confession...I love the muppet show. I remember loving it as a girl but as an adult I love it even more. The subversive humor that was lost on me then is not now. I remember watching them and thinking the muppets were funny. Boy was I right, I just didn't know why.

Today when browsing through my reader I found this from Jen over at Cakewrecks I smiled and enjoyed the pictures and then I realized that my favorite character wasn't there...Poor Pepe the King Prawn had been left out. Don't get me wrong the swedish chef and beeker are hilarious, but Pepe just kills me each and every time. And if you didn't know you can convert your google page into the chef's language of bork bork bork check it out

I found my way over to Youtube and found a Pepe tribute that made me smile...and what do you know Miss Thing thought it was funny too.

"You tell him and I will smack you! I will smack you like a bad, bad donkey! okeh?"

Enjoy my friends

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