Thursday, September 11, 2008


My belly round and warm with life growing I dressed for work. Running late again I relished my state of being and some stolen moments with my dearest. Television mumbled along in the background the change in programming reminding me that I was growing ever later

and in a moment it all changed

I watched as lives hurled through over and under shattering all manner of understanding
I sat down
I wept.
His words so clear in my ear. You know I am leaving.
The pain searing as I acknowledged.
The embrace tighter than ever before as the call came and the journey snaked on.
convention centers
the statue of liberty looming.
The calls came in waves from him from everyone~if you need anything please call
He only shared his fear after the wounds began to slowly knit themselves back together. At the precipice he chose not to fear for fear changes everything and helps no one.
This could never be made right.
Joy at his safe return
anger over the disease to follow
acceptance that regardless he would do it again and again and again

Babies are born with no fathers
I weep
my own is born and life continues ~ altered
slightly askew
never the same
for reasons red and raw that bleed when you touch them
The reminder sits in my hall
encased in glass
and in the eyes of my partner who saw it all
I remember
I always remember


  1. I always remember as well, but not like this. I'm awed by what people survived. Your words are piercing. Keep reminding us.