Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

So I gave in to the kids and Hero Husband took them to Walmart and let them pick their costumes. Miss Thing chose a princess costume and Super Son a soldier. Hero Husband had some camo and he went to soldier route also. I put on some glittery eyelashes and got dressed up. Betty and I agreed that in light of my current reading habits that I must have been Bella Cullen from Breaking Dawn...Sounds good enough to me. We went to our old neighborhood and trick-or-treated with the Mosher's. One of the neighbors dressed up as a the Transformer Bumblebee. It was a very convincing costume that apparently a motorcycle was sacrificed to provide. Anyway...I am off to bed so enjoy the pictures. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Okay so I finished the Charlaine Harris series and I am looking forward to book number nine whenever it comes out. HBO is still doing a good job, but it has been such a long time since I found a book that I really enjoyed like these that I went a looking for more. My trip to Barnes & Noble to pick up books 4 & 5 resulted in me glancing over a set of some really pretty covers,

but frankly none of the blurbs did much for me. Well I read some online reviews and they were good so I figured what the heck. Blurbs be darned. I took a similar course and downloaded book 1 from and got started. Geesh. I wish I had known what I was missing. The story was poignant. The characters lovely and full. The backstory for the author herself was even perfect. I am not generally fond of reaching back to teenage stories or the young adult book market but darn it I actually found myself tearing up a little for this girl. The author (Stephenie Meyer) conveyed very realistically the intensity of the emotions at that place and time in life. I stopped by Borders this time (Thanks Aunt Susan for the directions) and picked up the box set knowing that I would want this in my library for a while. All things being equal I am glad that I didn't find the series much earlier because now I only have to wait a month for the film based on book 1 (Twilight) to be released. I went online today and bought my tickets and plan on taking Hero Husband to see it. He endured my radical reading habits so I am excited to get to show him what all the fuss was about. When I called to ask if he wanted to go his only question was if I was trying to "push something on him" I assume that he was referring to the political climate which will thankfully be over by then and we will be able to relax into a great movie. I know I am looking forward to it.

I can cook

I have a reputation of being able to burn water. Unfortunately the reputation has been earned by actually doing that at least once. Burning water that is. Anyway...last Christmas I gave Hero Husband a stocking stuffer of a hands on cooking class at the culinary school in Central Market. Seemed like a better date night than dinner and a movie. We have spent the last 10 months trying to figure out what class to take and rescheduling when hurricanes would interrupt our plans. So the night finally arrived and Tuesday we showed up for a Tex-Mex cooking class I was really excited. We cooked shredded chicken tacos, guacamole salad, chalupas, refried beans and gorditas. I made my own tortillas (thanks to Hero Husband's well timed tutorial~hello where has that been for the last 15 years?) and the biggest news from the whole adventure was that I am really good at cutting tomatoes, Hero Husband and I can cook in the kitchen together without wanting to put our knives to use on each other and I didn't suck at everything else. Woo Hoo...Now I have to figure out how to do it at home.

Somewhere in Texas...

A village is missing an the bumper sticker says. I have laughed at that one a few times over the last eight years, but today, well today I am beginning to wonder if the whole darn place isn't full of idiots. Read here and you will see why. Maybe it was easy not to notice which one was heading to Washington when you have all of these other fools hanging around still.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And the plot thickens

Okay so I am what 7 episodes into True Blood and I can't tolerate the waiting to find out what happens. I went online and found this awesome site where the publisher had loaded full copies of the books. I was able to download 3 or 4 of them and start reading. Okay so I know (at least if the series follows the books) how season will end, whew, but that just created another problem. What happens after that? I just want to keep reading and find out how the whole story ends. I went back to to get the rest of the books and they were gone...maybe the publisher didn't intend them to be used from that site by consumers. oops. Of course because everyone is reading the books now the good old Barnes & Noble was out of just about all of them. I was able to find a few "other" people who published them online so I could continue to read while BN got their shipping stuff sorted out. The guilt of downloading them from the internet is soothed by actually buying the books and supporting this author who has hooked me so thoroughly on these characters.

So here I am 5 days later and I have read 8 books...nearly 2500 pages If that isn't a page turner of a series I don't know what is.
Charlaine Harris ~ Thank you for some really great storytelling. So when is book 9 coming out?

Without giving too much away...I couldn't for the life of me figure out why everyone on the websites and forums was going on about Eric this Eric that...more Eric. I understand now. But I still think I vote for Bill. Now Get Reading! You'll be glad you did!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I am a junkie. I am embarassed to admit it, but for the last few weeks I have been an addict. It might as well be drugs because I have found a "show" (I feel like I have moved to Boca Raton and retired just saying that) that I can't stop watching. I am so embarassed that I can't even fully tell my friends and family because I can't lay out the premise of the story without sounding like an idiotic 14 year old gothicly inclined romance novel hound. Which is truly unfortunate because the show is Awesome and has many social themes that create a deeper layer. The characters are being fleshed out nicely, the chemistry between the actors is steamy, the quality of their work is great and the story...well it has me scheduling a date with the TV every Sunday at 8. If you haven't watched True Blood yet you should. You are missing out.

I really shouldn't be surprised by my addiction considering that True Blood has been written/produced/directed by Alan Ball who also is responsible for my historical junkie status with Six Feet Under. Thanks Alan. I really should be at the gym and I just can't stop watching long enough to manage to leave the house.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Bicycle made for three

A month ago Hero Husband helped me pick out a hybrid bicycle and while I was convinced that I wanted a cruiser Hero Husband knew better and let me try it for myself before I realized how impractical it would be. The hybrid ended up being the better choice for me all of the comfort of the cruiser (cushy seat included) but with the handling of a mountain bike. Anyway, I think the cruiser might have cost him some street cred so I took one for the team. Oh and the hybrid is purple.

So we decided on the purple bike and then began working out what accessories we would need. You know I am all about the accessories. We got a little rack for the back so I could bring home groceries (yes I have big plans for this bike) and then the best part of all...the frog pod. At least that's what I call it because it is bright green and kind of looks like a frog. I scoffed at first about having my precious little girl perched atop the handle bars, but man does she love it. We had some good times tooling around the neighborhood and going to the grocery store.

Until tonight that is...Super Son had a cub scout den meeting. In the neighborhood across the busy street nearby. Silly close to drive, but perfect for a bike ride. Super Son has gotten really good on his own bike, but not good enough to trust him in such close proximity to 4 wheeled steel death traps so I disassembled the grocery rack and hooked up Super Son's tag along bike.A few frenzied minutes later (we of course were running late before I got my great idea) we were off. The three of us riding down the street on my purple bicycle. They were both laughing and talking about all they were seeing as we rode along (including the people in their cars who were laughing/smiling and waving/pointing as we passed by). We arrived safely and then reversed course for the way home. The sun had set and the safety flasher was firmly positioned on Super Son's belt for visibility. The breeze was cool and we decided to take a little detour and cruise around for fun.

They are giggling in the bath now and I am going to go hang with them instead of offense but they are much cuter.


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Caroline or Change

Date night and I bought tickets for the season at Zachary Scott Theatre. Last night was our first show of the season and we were off to see Caroline or Change. The staging was great, the performances even better. Sometimes it is a little unsettling coming into a performance where you know nothing about the story (which was the case for me) but the sweetness in watching it unravel and reveal itself is awesome. This is one that continued to unravel for me into the night and even this morning. You have to love theatre that stays with you that long.

To top it all off I managed to completely geek out when Gaius Charles sat down in front of us. Let me preface this part of the story by saying I am horrible at remembering people. I may remember your name, or your face, but likely not both. Add in the fact that I know you from somewhere and I am bound to remember one or the other, but usually not at the same time. I once sat in a restaurant with my handsome groom and proceeded to introduce him to a woman he had met no less than a dozen times before. I knew that I knew her I just couldn't place from where...and it happens all the time. Delayed humiliation is a good antidote for pride by the way if you worry about that type of thing. Anyway, I see him walking by and know that I know him from somewhere...and it dawns on me (this is never a good thing either) and turned to Hero Husband and yelled "Hey, It's Smash" . Okay so maybe I didn't yell, but delayed humiliation plays it that way in my head and I am sure I said it louder than a whisper because he looked up and me smiled graciously and introduced himself. Long story short. I am a complete idiot (but you knew that already) and Gaius Charles is a really good looking (but you knew that already too) nice guy who happens to be a great actor and is nice to chat with. Not at all (at least I hope) freaked out by our questions or general talkativeness. Gaius - I swear we do that a lot, not just for actors on shows that we really enjoy.
I laughed a little afterwards because Hero Husband and I both find ourselves lately talking to younger (than us) people about their lives. The encouragement of their parents...things they wish that had or hadn't done and outcomes along the way. We want badly to do right by our own offspring so we have become pollsters of other people's offspring.
Thanks Gaius for indulging us with some of your journey. We will definitely be watching, but we always were.


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