Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Bicycle made for three

A month ago Hero Husband helped me pick out a hybrid bicycle and while I was convinced that I wanted a cruiser Hero Husband knew better and let me try it for myself before I realized how impractical it would be. The hybrid ended up being the better choice for me all of the comfort of the cruiser (cushy seat included) but with the handling of a mountain bike. Anyway, I think the cruiser might have cost him some street cred so I took one for the team. Oh and the hybrid is purple.

So we decided on the purple bike and then began working out what accessories we would need. You know I am all about the accessories. We got a little rack for the back so I could bring home groceries (yes I have big plans for this bike) and then the best part of all...the frog pod. At least that's what I call it because it is bright green and kind of looks like a frog. I scoffed at first about having my precious little girl perched atop the handle bars, but man does she love it. We had some good times tooling around the neighborhood and going to the grocery store.

Until tonight that is...Super Son had a cub scout den meeting. In the neighborhood across the busy street nearby. Silly close to drive, but perfect for a bike ride. Super Son has gotten really good on his own bike, but not good enough to trust him in such close proximity to 4 wheeled steel death traps so I disassembled the grocery rack and hooked up Super Son's tag along bike.A few frenzied minutes later (we of course were running late before I got my great idea) we were off. The three of us riding down the street on my purple bicycle. They were both laughing and talking about all they were seeing as we rode along (including the people in their cars who were laughing/smiling and waving/pointing as we passed by). We arrived safely and then reversed course for the way home. The sun had set and the safety flasher was firmly positioned on Super Son's belt for visibility. The breeze was cool and we decided to take a little detour and cruise around for fun.

They are giggling in the bath now and I am going to go hang with them instead of offense but they are much cuter.


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  1. So much fun. Right now we pull a trailer on each of our bikes to transport our gaggle of kids. But, I'm looking forward to the day that they can help peddle at least a little.

    PS How cool that we were married the same month. And, I am thrilled to hear that you will be walking that other path I've been down. (Not sure if I should say it here!) I'd love to hear more though. Email me when you're ready to share.