Thursday, October 02, 2008

Caroline or Change

Date night and I bought tickets for the season at Zachary Scott Theatre. Last night was our first show of the season and we were off to see Caroline or Change. The staging was great, the performances even better. Sometimes it is a little unsettling coming into a performance where you know nothing about the story (which was the case for me) but the sweetness in watching it unravel and reveal itself is awesome. This is one that continued to unravel for me into the night and even this morning. You have to love theatre that stays with you that long.

To top it all off I managed to completely geek out when Gaius Charles sat down in front of us. Let me preface this part of the story by saying I am horrible at remembering people. I may remember your name, or your face, but likely not both. Add in the fact that I know you from somewhere and I am bound to remember one or the other, but usually not at the same time. I once sat in a restaurant with my handsome groom and proceeded to introduce him to a woman he had met no less than a dozen times before. I knew that I knew her I just couldn't place from where...and it happens all the time. Delayed humiliation is a good antidote for pride by the way if you worry about that type of thing. Anyway, I see him walking by and know that I know him from somewhere...and it dawns on me (this is never a good thing either) and turned to Hero Husband and yelled "Hey, It's Smash" . Okay so maybe I didn't yell, but delayed humiliation plays it that way in my head and I am sure I said it louder than a whisper because he looked up and me smiled graciously and introduced himself. Long story short. I am a complete idiot (but you knew that already) and Gaius Charles is a really good looking (but you knew that already too) nice guy who happens to be a great actor and is nice to chat with. Not at all (at least I hope) freaked out by our questions or general talkativeness. Gaius - I swear we do that a lot, not just for actors on shows that we really enjoy.
I laughed a little afterwards because Hero Husband and I both find ourselves lately talking to younger (than us) people about their lives. The encouragement of their parents...things they wish that had or hadn't done and outcomes along the way. We want badly to do right by our own offspring so we have become pollsters of other people's offspring.
Thanks Gaius for indulging us with some of your journey. We will definitely be watching, but we always were.

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  1. How cool! I am atrocious with names and placing people. I embarrass myself often.