Thursday, November 20, 2008


Last night we were trying putting the finishing touches on Super Son's Native American Indian project before it was due at school this morning. I was ready to jump up and down with frustration. I apparently, even with my sewing skills, do not possess the ability to fabricate a tipi cover from canvas. This should be a pretty basic cone shape, right?

I resorted to a pattern.

That wasn't any better. Betty sat at the bar and watched me with some degree of concern for my long term mental health. She commented on the hilarity of me doing Super Son's project while he played in the living room. For the record I was just trying to get the fabric ready so he could do the assembly. I think I really did hop around once or twice when the second of my patters (the third overall try) didn't work out any better than the first. Betty looked up at me from her reading (yes I have managed to corrupt her with the Twilight series...I may get to see the movie 3 times for that one) and suggested that we not cover the whole tipi....hmmm...leave some of the cover off so you can see inside the tipi. This snowballed into making a playdo indian to go inside the tipi, some blankets for him to lay on and a little fire in the middle. Super Son was really proud and said that it was "unique". Betty talked me off the ledge. Good reason #216 for hosting an awesome czech exchange student. Love ya' Betty Thanks again

And without further ado... here is the tipi

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