Friday, November 21, 2008

Movie Review

Okay so today was the day...I could only justify getting out of work a little early today, but I met Kik, Paige, Stacey & Amy at the Alamo Drafthouse guessed it...Twilight. They served Sangria in a "blood bag" (very tasty) and we laughed and talked until the movie started.

I have a hard time being objective. I loved the book(s), I have read them more than once. I accept that a movie will never be as good as a book that you love. All of that being said. The movie was Awesome.

I have read the "critics" (Doesn't that imply that they will be critical) reviews which were generally blah. I think I can understand that maybe as a standalone movie it may not be perfect or qualify for critical (there is is again) aclaim. But it is after all a movie based on a book and you can not cram 500 pages into 2 hours.

There was a lot that I missed from the books, but what was there was (I'll say it again) Awesome. I am still looking forward to taking Hero Husband to see it on Sunday and Betty when she is done reading. How's it coming Betty? Hopefully that will be doing my part to make sure that book 2 (new moon) is made also.

Kik and I booked it to el bano (this movie qualified as one that you didn't leave just for a little bodily function) and then we all lingered in the lobby to chat. The line for the next showing had gathered outside and as we said our goodbyes we eyeballed the incoming crowd. I counted 3 teenagers, 7 men, and the balance of the crowd that looked just like us. Paige told a few of them how awesome it was and we all went our ways.

It was a great movie and a great time with the best of friends.

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