Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not me...

So...since I posted last I have most certainly did Not...

Go to the movies to see twilight for the second time (liking it more than the first time I went)

Spend 7 hours in the back seat of Hero Husband's truck schlepping to and from San Antonio, Temple and Elgin for Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff

Yell at a creepy old man to "Step Back" when he was pushing kids to take a photo while we were watching the Chuy's parade

Go to the movies to see twilight for the third time (liking it more than the first and the second times)

Wake Betty up at 6am to take her out for Black Friday shopping and use the "foreign exchange student cultural experience" excuse to justify it

Find myself in my pajamas at 10:30 blogging instead of finishing a litany of projects I have half done around the house

Go to 10pm showing to see twilight for the fourth time

Break my beautiful macbook and then get all vercklempt when I met with the service tech at the apple store and asked him to "please fix it"

Make myself a cocktail to go with dinner because the kids were making me a little nutso

Sit on the couch with my sister sharing new favorite music and disecting the lyrics and cry when I realized how much we have missed each other lately

So tell me what did you Not do this holiday weekend?

The very tired Betty snuggling the very crabby Miss Thing at the parade

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