Monday, December 29, 2008

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn

Okay so this is an obscure movie tie in to the fact that my sweet son has Scarlet Fever which with the aid of modern antibiotics is nothing to worry about, but Scarlet Fever sounds more impressive than a strep rash. Super Son has developed a history of getting sick on break from school. He started running a high fever on Christmas night and by Saturday he was covered in red bumps. *Sigh* I do give a damn about the fact that he is uncomfortable and we all have cabin fever from hanging around and trying to take it easy. The fevers seem to be gone now and the antibiotics are doing their job so here's to the downhill side of this adventure in the land of the petry dish otherwise known as my kids.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Things you don't think you will ever say as a parent...but I just did

"The person being hit in the head with the balls deserves to wear the helmet Super Son. Even if it is an astronaut helmet."

You know Twilight is influencing things when...

The kids wanted to watch the Santa Claus movie that was on the abc family channel this morning before breakfast. Pretty tame I figured. Well, I was wrong. It was downright scary. One of these 1970 stop motion movies and while that by itself wasn't so bad the movie gets really dark with these evil little winged creatures trying to keep Santa from taking his toys across the forest to the children who are all sad and depressed without him. Seriously, long toothed, scary, winged viking looking creatures in a stop motion Santa movie. Good Morning! So we get to the end and the green haired fairy leans over the sleeping Santa and kisses him on the head making him immortal. I swear I wasn't drinking either. Then the funny part. Hero Husband looks over at me...

Hero Husband - "What did she make him a vampire or something?"
Super Son - "Like in Twilight?"
Me (laughing somewhat horrified at the turn of events - "No not a Santa Vampire like in Twilight...You guys are weird"

In know Twilight is influencing things when your 6 year old and your husband find a vampire story line in a Santa movie on a Saturday morning.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


A few weeks ago a flyer came home in Super Son's backpack for a Creative Dramatics workshop at the high school around the corner. I described it to him as a chance to pretend with other kids who liked to pretend too. Super Son decided that he wanted to go as long as "pretending" involved getting to be an Army man too. He was with the group that called themselves the "Jolly Ninjas" and they even had a cheer that involved saying Hie-yah! When I picked him up he informed me that it wasn't just fun, but "A Blast". He told tales of a shadow forest, riding a dolphin after exiting his submarine and of course being an Army man. I asked him if he liked it more than baseball (which was his most recent extra curricular love). "Oh yeah Mom, lots more than baseball"

I try not to find too much meaning in the various things he gets interested in. Mostly because it seems to change from week to week, but I can't help myself from wondering what life will bring my beautiful bright eyed boy and where his path will take him.

I love that he is happy more than anything.

Meet Harry George

We have been sucked into the "Elf of the Shelf" Christmas tradition and the kids are loving it. They named our little scout elf "Harry George" Don't ask me about the Harry part. George makes some sense because they have an Uncle and Grandfather with the same moniker. Harry George returns to Santa each night and tells Santa about all of the good and bad things that Super Son and Miss Thing have done so that Santa's Naughty & Nice list stays good and current. Each night when he returns he hides in a different spot in the house. Each morning when the kids wake up they go looking for Harry George to make sure he made it back safely and ensure their good deeds go reported.

I have a little Santa guilt about when to dispel the myth, my mommy-tuition is telling me that Super Son just isn't ready yet so Harry George will keep his job for now.