Monday, December 29, 2008

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn

Okay so this is an obscure movie tie in to the fact that my sweet son has Scarlet Fever which with the aid of modern antibiotics is nothing to worry about, but Scarlet Fever sounds more impressive than a strep rash. Super Son has developed a history of getting sick on break from school. He started running a high fever on Christmas night and by Saturday he was covered in red bumps. *Sigh* I do give a damn about the fact that he is uncomfortable and we all have cabin fever from hanging around and trying to take it easy. The fevers seem to be gone now and the antibiotics are doing their job so here's to the downhill side of this adventure in the land of the petry dish otherwise known as my kids.


  1. Ack. Why do breaks and vacations always invite nasty illnesses? Hope he's better soon and may no one else get it!

  2. Wow. Scarlet fever? That does sound impressive...and very 1950's-ish. I didn't realize kids could still get that. Hope your little guy is feeling better!