Sunday, December 07, 2008

Meet Harry George

We have been sucked into the "Elf of the Shelf" Christmas tradition and the kids are loving it. They named our little scout elf "Harry George" Don't ask me about the Harry part. George makes some sense because they have an Uncle and Grandfather with the same moniker. Harry George returns to Santa each night and tells Santa about all of the good and bad things that Super Son and Miss Thing have done so that Santa's Naughty & Nice list stays good and current. Each night when he returns he hides in a different spot in the house. Each morning when the kids wake up they go looking for Harry George to make sure he made it back safely and ensure their good deeds go reported.

I have a little Santa guilt about when to dispel the myth, my mommy-tuition is telling me that Super Son just isn't ready yet so Harry George will keep his job for now.

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