Saturday, December 13, 2008

You know Twilight is influencing things when...

The kids wanted to watch the Santa Claus movie that was on the abc family channel this morning before breakfast. Pretty tame I figured. Well, I was wrong. It was downright scary. One of these 1970 stop motion movies and while that by itself wasn't so bad the movie gets really dark with these evil little winged creatures trying to keep Santa from taking his toys across the forest to the children who are all sad and depressed without him. Seriously, long toothed, scary, winged viking looking creatures in a stop motion Santa movie. Good Morning! So we get to the end and the green haired fairy leans over the sleeping Santa and kisses him on the head making him immortal. I swear I wasn't drinking either. Then the funny part. Hero Husband looks over at me...

Hero Husband - "What did she make him a vampire or something?"
Super Son - "Like in Twilight?"
Me (laughing somewhat horrified at the turn of events - "No not a Santa Vampire like in Twilight...You guys are weird"

In know Twilight is influencing things when your 6 year old and your husband find a vampire story line in a Santa movie on a Saturday morning.

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