Saturday, January 31, 2009

Brass is definitely your color

Promoting in the Austin Fire Department is not like most jobs. I don't have enough perspective to say if it is like promoting in other Fire Departments around the world, but I have seen the Austin process first hand. Hero Husband has been with the Austin Fire Department for more than a decade. He has had some amazing mentors, friends and rookies over the years. In 2008 a long process of studying, deferring, studying again, trying not to scream in frustration at the city bureaucracy, delay and yet more last minute studying culminated in Hero Husband taking the promotional exam for Lieutenant. He did amazingly well and after the practical portion of the exam process was placed on the list for the spaces to be made available. Word came in December that his spot would be open in January and he would be promoting into an operations position (at a fire station, not an office). Cue party planning time.

We celebrated with a beautiful group of people who mentored in the early years, loved and prayed for us during the preparation for this step and rejoiced with us when it was over and done with. Hero Husband is settling into his new fire station nicely.

I couldn't be more proud of him!

Congratulations Baby! You look great in brass!

Hero Husband's new helmet...handed down to him from Josh

Call in the reinforcements

#2 ~ "Back Cracker, take Bean to go potty."
Back Cracker ~ "Okay"

Back Cracker returns to the room in 3.7 seconds

#2 ~ "Back Cracker, did you take Bean to the potty?"
Back Cracker ~ "Yes"
#2 ~ "Did she go?"
Back Cracker ~ "No, she didn't have to."
#2 ~ "Back Cracker, take Bean to the potty."

By this time Bean is playing with a baby and blanket on the floor
Back Cracker rolls his eyes and heads toward Bean who upon seeing him coming has started shrieking NO at the top of her lungs and kicking her legs.
Back Cracker takes her to the potty.
Screaming continues from behind the closed door
The door cracks

Back Cracker ~ "Miss Thing...Miss Thing. Can you come here please."

Yes my illustrious brother in law called in the 3 year old reinforcements to assist the 2 year old in going to the potty without screaming like a banshee

And for the record. Bean did go potty.

Score ~ #2 : 347 Back Cracker: 12

Footie Pajamas

I am sitting around going through old photos on the computer and tagging them into various, Super Son, chicago...ahh the joys of iphoto. I am up to the 3 year old photos of my now almost 7 year old and I found a bunch of him wearing his old "super suits" aka footie pajamas. He always thought that they looked like the outfits that super heroes wore so they became super suits in our house. I clearly remember the frustration of trying to find them in increasingly larger sizes 4's were few and far between 5's were awful and I don't think I ever found a size 6. I even saved some of the cutest ones from Gymboree thinking that our precious second born would love to wear them just like her brother.

No such luck.

When Miss Thing was born she had an umbilical hernia. Basically a really big "outie" that would eventually heal on its own. I found some old home remedies that said to tape a coin to the belly button and that would help it to heal faster. The illustrious Dr. Brown scoffed at them and assured me that it would heal on its own and end up as a regular old belly button by the time Miss Thing was 3.

You know she is 3 now right?

In all fairness I think Dr. Brown might have been right if only my sweet daughter hadn't discovered that she had a belly button when she was 8 months old. The little bump of skin proved to be too enticing and apparently it felt really good to touch it. That touch grew to pulling and now she has an official "outie". The opening in her abdominal wall healed nicely and she has something to occupy each of her hands when she is feeling nervous. One hand becomes the thumb sucky and the other goes to her belly button.

We have a constant stream of "Miss Thing ~ no thumbby....Miss Thing put your shirt down" going on all day long.

That being said when she goes to sleep if you dare cover her belly hysteria ensues.

So while looking at the pictures of Super Son cavorting in his super suits over the years I looked over at Hero Husband and said

"I wish Miss Thing liked to wear footie pajamas"

Miss Thing looked up at me from the legos on the floor and said

"I don't like footie pajamas"

Discussion closed

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday

My sweet sister turns 31 tomorrow so we gathered to wish her a happy start to this next year of life. I set up the tripod so we could get a family picture before #4 leaves for Hawaii. I had a little too much wine to drink so it was amusing when I knocked over the tripod trying to get myself in the photo. Hilarity ensued when I managed to catch the camera before it hit the ground, set the whole thing back upright and slide into the picture before the timer went off. Sorry you couldn't enjoy the wine with me #2 girl, but I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration anyway! Now how about that midnight biscuit run?