Saturday, January 31, 2009

Call in the reinforcements

#2 ~ "Back Cracker, take Bean to go potty."
Back Cracker ~ "Okay"

Back Cracker returns to the room in 3.7 seconds

#2 ~ "Back Cracker, did you take Bean to the potty?"
Back Cracker ~ "Yes"
#2 ~ "Did she go?"
Back Cracker ~ "No, she didn't have to."
#2 ~ "Back Cracker, take Bean to the potty."

By this time Bean is playing with a baby and blanket on the floor
Back Cracker rolls his eyes and heads toward Bean who upon seeing him coming has started shrieking NO at the top of her lungs and kicking her legs.
Back Cracker takes her to the potty.
Screaming continues from behind the closed door
The door cracks

Back Cracker ~ "Miss Thing...Miss Thing. Can you come here please."

Yes my illustrious brother in law called in the 3 year old reinforcements to assist the 2 year old in going to the potty without screaming like a banshee

And for the record. Bean did go potty.

Score ~ #2 : 347 Back Cracker: 12

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