Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Vagina Monologues

Sister number 3 loves the Vagina Monologues. She has been pestering for the last year for us (Sisters 1, 2 and 4) to join her. When #2 emailed a few weeks ago guessed it... The Vagina Monologues would be performed on the UT Campus in February.

Last night was the night.

Betty joined us (a truly American experience for our favorite exchange student) and we all met at Kerby Lane Cafe for dinner before hand. #2 and The Back Cracker were doing the Bean handoff there so we hung with the small fry for a while and I performed some magic to heal her broken bean and cheese taco before her Daddy arrived.

I think I might be closing in on the favorite Auntie title after that one. The kid literally had stars in her eyes for me. Who knew all I had to do was heal a taco.

The very kind Jamison let us leave our cars there and after we paid the bill we began walking to the theatre. After two blocks with a pregnant lady wearing high heels and my bum knees the consensus was that a bus was looking pretty good. I of course reminded everyone that Scholz's Beer Garden was much closer to the venue, but no, we had to go to Kerby Lane. My know it all status gave me the honor of checking with the bus driver we were passing to see if he was heading our direction.

Since when does knowing everything mean you have to accost strangers by the way?

No luck on the bus and I chimed in that the walk was nearly a mile from the restaurant meaning we still had another half to 3/4 miles to go but we still had 20 minutes and we should be just fine. Then out of nowhere #3 stripped off her shoes and began to run. I, being perpetually at the back of the pack, caught up to find out where the fire was. Apparently if you don't get to the show 15 minutes early they sell your tickets to someone else. Darn the fine print on the back of the ticket. It was with 5 minutes to re-sale time #3 didn't want us to lose our seats so off she went.

#2, Betty and I cut through a gymnasium and across a courtyard to get to the next street where when we emerged found front of the still running #3. Que laughter

She disappeared around the corner and I fell further and further behind Betty and the ever "hurry up" chanting #2. Finding myself too far behind for comfort I stripped off my shoes and jogged after them. I swear they think I make up this knee stuff, but by the time I caught up with them my joints were already murmuring promises of a painful revenge. There was no hope of keeping up with them in my fabulous black peep toes so I braved the wilds with naked feet. I don't recommend this to anyone. The sidewalks on the UT campus are largely made of washed cement. You know, they pour the cement and then wash away the top layer leaving the little stones exposed. Nice esthetic...bad for the feet.

After #3's jog and the successful saving of our seats I was instructed to get her a bottle of water. After the machine stole my dollar I told her to find a water fountain.

The show itself was awesome. Vaginas are awesome. Supporting efforts to eliminate violence against women...the awesomest.

My favorite quote was from the "Because he liked to look at it" monologue.

"Everything that I knew about my vagina was based on hearsay."

We laughed out loud...a lot.

Then we called it a night and walked back to the Kerby Lane Cafe...slowly

There are just some things in life you shouldn't do

Forget regretting getting a tattoo on your lower back (aka the tramp stamp) after a night out with your girls...Here are some examples of what I can only assume came with buyers remorse...although they did pose for pictures so I have to wonder.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get your kicks

A few years ago Pixar put out a little movie called Cars. You might have heard about it.

Well since then I have wanted to drive on Route 66...Badly.
I love a good road trip and &^%$# it I wanted to take a road trip down the Mother Road. In a 57 chevy if I can manage it, but you get the idea.

So we decided to take the kids skiing in Angel Fire, New Mexico for Super Son's birthday. Road Trip Style.

Oh yeah!

We loaded the kids in the car (in their PJ's) at bed time and set off for the 14 hour drive.

At 5 am we pulled into Santa Rosa, New Mexico for a break. Hero Husband had done all of the heavy lifting while the rest of us snored peacefully in various states of open mouth drooling. Denny's was open. Denny's is always open. Even in Santa Rosa at 5am. The very nice Jeff from Denny's took our order and indulged us as the kids "got out the crazy wiggles" and ran around the otherwise deserted restaurant. Knowing I had a blog post to put up at some point started chatting about Santa Rosa and sensed very little love for the town. Turns out he is from Portland (woo hoo Pacific Northwest) and had been sent out for a few months to cover while a new manager was hired. I can see how you wouldn't be crazy about the town coming from Portland, but as I informed him...It is still bigger than Mason Texas so count your blessings.

The food was greasy greatness for 5 am road trips. I ordered the Moon over my Hammy and could barely say it without laughing and thinking about my new favorite author pick Richelle Mead who I have been told used to eat them in high school.

Back on point...Hero Husband asked if I could drive the rest of the way. We had maybe 3 hours to go and considering I had snoozed in the back seat snuggled up to my favorite 6 (now 7) year old I did.

We turned out of the parking lot and had barely driven a mile before I saw the first sign. Historic Route 66

Say What?

Another block and I saw the sign for the Route 66 classic car museum. Damn It was barely 6am and I knew they wouldn't be open and the sun wasn't up yet so I couldn't really stop and get a picture.

For the next 2 or 3 miles I smiled and sang to myself getting my kicks as I - Shannonannon - drove down Route 66.

I made everyone in the car swear that they would let me stop on the way back

so while I only drove on it once in the dark at 6am (Hero Husband drove it on the home route) I fulfilled a little dream on our family ski vacation.

Yeah Me!

I Believe...

Everyone should have an Aunt #2.

Super Son proudly displayed the gap between his teeth when he loaded into the car after school today. After the blow by blow of how the tooth had found its way into the plastic baggie being waved around excitedly he grew somber and asked...

"Mom, do you and Dad put the money in my tooth fairy jar?"

I promptly begin to pit out while trying to decide if I should bob and weave around the question or figure out how to answer truthfully with a certain baby sister in her seat listening intently for an answer too.

"What makes you ask that question Super Son?"

When in doubt answer a difficult question with another question

"I just think that fairies aren't real."

Think Mommy Think...

"Oh my goodness Super Son! Maybe we should call your Aunt #2 and see if she can answer your question."

oh and this is Aunt #2

We call Aunt #2 and she shares with Super Son her own special brand of fairy love that made him smile... Not everything that you believe in can be seen. Word up. My very own oversized life fairy to the rescue!

Everyone should have an Aunt #2 and I am ever so grateful that my kids have theirs.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love will Prevail

Love will prevail
You will want to go to the bottom of the page and turn off the music before starting the video.

"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ye haaaa!

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words

Friday, February 06, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Betty

Betty turns the big 1 - 8 tomorrow and she has a lacrosse tournament in College Station so we celebrated her birthday tonight with the family. Hero Husband bought her an official token of being Texan. She really seemed to like it

And how she is officially a Texan

Apparently I have found may way to being a decent cook at least for steak and potatoes

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Muppet Oneness

And if you know anything about my adoration of Pepe the King Prawn you know that this is true...and don't even get me started on the Fraggles! Thanks to The Onion shop where they sell this as an awesome t-shirt.

And I own this book by the way! My favorite Pepe party toast..."May St. Peter let you through the gates before he realizes you had a fake Id."

Question of the day

Super Son came downstairs this morning before I went up to get him. He was being very diligent and responsible...
Why then, I ask, when I went up to get Miss Thing out of bed and stopped by to check Super Son's room to be sure all the lights were out was this what I found...

Yes that is a bongo drum in Super Son's bed. I didn't hear any late night concerts going on nor was there a sunrise serenade. So you tell me... What would have been going on if you woke up with a bongo drum in your bed?

Let the comments commence.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

pillow talk

Hero Husband ~ "Do you like bologna?"
Me ~ "No...Why?"
Hero Husband ~ While eating a bite of dulce de leche hagen dazs "If you take a drink of wine and then eat a bite of ice cream it tastes justs like bologna."
Me ~ "And why would you want that to happen? That is the grossest thing I have ever heard."

Sunday, February 01, 2009


There is an article in Newsweek about Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.

Here is the online sidebar

and here is the article itself.

Working with any organization can be hard. Sometimes this is hard. I am grateful for the opportunity and for the reminder that it is always more than just an organization.