Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Believe...

Everyone should have an Aunt #2.

Super Son proudly displayed the gap between his teeth when he loaded into the car after school today. After the blow by blow of how the tooth had found its way into the plastic baggie being waved around excitedly he grew somber and asked...

"Mom, do you and Dad put the money in my tooth fairy jar?"

I promptly begin to pit out while trying to decide if I should bob and weave around the question or figure out how to answer truthfully with a certain baby sister in her seat listening intently for an answer too.

"What makes you ask that question Super Son?"

When in doubt answer a difficult question with another question

"I just think that fairies aren't real."

Think Mommy Think...

"Oh my goodness Super Son! Maybe we should call your Aunt #2 and see if she can answer your question."

oh and this is Aunt #2

We call Aunt #2 and she shares with Super Son her own special brand of fairy love that made him smile... Not everything that you believe in can be seen. Word up. My very own oversized life fairy to the rescue!

Everyone should have an Aunt #2 and I am ever so grateful that my kids have theirs.

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