Saturday, March 21, 2009

Everyone loves a fireman

In case you have been living under a rock, or not living in Austin, SXSW is going on this week and next. You have no idea what this has done to downtown traffic. Yikes, but aside from the general hysteria it is a great thing for the local economy and wow there is some serious talent being thrown around. I only wish I could partake in the fun.

Hero Husband however with his new fire station location (right in the thick of the fun) is getting three concerts each night all a stones throw from his back door. Not exactly conducive with sleep, but hey you do what'cha gotta do.

So he calls me this afternoon to tell me that Juliette Lewis stopped by the fire station on her way to a show.

Okay seriously...I can name in my list of all time favorite films not one, not two, but three of hers not to mention I like her music.

But who gets a picture with Juliette Lewis

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