Monday, March 09, 2009

Manipulated by Minors

I couldn't have been more than 6 years old when my parental units saw fit to buy a new car. We had been driving an old blue VW van for years and the replacement was what I thought was the sweetest car ever made...A white 4 door Ford Escort.

Oh Yeah!

I did everything I could to ensure that I got to go for the most rides in the Escort. I was often not successful despite my best efforts, but boy did I try. I volunteered to go to the grocery store, to go along for pick up and/or drop off any of the various children in the house from any of the various places that they went, I even volunteered to go to work with said parental units which involved almost nothing fun except the ride in the Escort. All that effort and I still don't remember ever actually riding in the Escort. I would volunteer for whatever the trip may be and I always ended up in the van.

Oh Defeat.

A year ago after we finished a property remodel I sent Hero Husband out with my blessing to buy himself a toy. This is what he came home with.


We take it out on date night and Hero Husband enjoys running around town with the top down. I end up taking it to work a few days a week...and then there's the kids.

They will do almost anything to ride in the "race car". Our children have become masters at finding ways to go for a ride in the race car. Finding the booster seat and dragging it to the car, volunteering for the grocery store, post office... you name it they are game as long as it involves the race car.

At least they are having success where I didn't.

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