Friday, March 13, 2009

Who loves the dentist...Me me me me!

I live in the nether regions of South Austin. So far South that to "cross the river" is usually a day trip. I like it here. As our bumper stickers say

"South Austin...we're all here 'cause we're not all there"

Feel free to come visit.

For those of you not from around here schleping to Cedar Park from South Austin is the equivalent of a full day excursion. Okay maybe not for everyone, but definitely for me. We usually pack a picnic and everything. Why you might ask do I have a dentist in Cedar Park. The one place so far away that Hero Husband refuses to take the kids. Well the answer is easy

The Doctors Hoppe

The Doctors Hoppe are awesome. Kid you not angels singing awesome. Jennifer treats the kids, Chris takes care of the grownups. In a past life I worked with Carla (the guru of all things dental) and Chris so when the time came for me and my little tax deductions to see a dentist after I left the comforts of working with a gaggle of them I schleped to Cedar Park.

I swear it is like Cheers for me. I walk in, they know my name, they like my kids, we have some witty conversation, they take good care of us, the insurance pays for it and I get a new toothbrush (Okay maybe the last part isn't like Cheers, but you know what I mean). Seriously what more could you ask for.

That was a rhetorical question because yesterday I figured out what more.

I packed a picnic and the kids and we began the drive. Everyone happy as Super Son read to us. I think there might have even been some birds chirping, but I digress. We arrived and the kids promptly began playing in the waiting room aka kid heaven. The time came and we all shuttled to the back to get checked out. Miss Thing, who has of late been trying to convince me she is shy, climbed right up into the chair brave as can be and marveled at the suction straw and its magic spit sucking abilities. Super Son was due for x-rays so I peeked in on him as they went through the process and then we all gathered at his chairside while he got his teeth cleaned. I prattled on with my questions about his grinding habits and when we would need to start seeing the orthodontist and when we were done with all of my questions Dr. Jennifer broke the news...Super Son has two cavities that need to be filled. *sigh* I knew this day would come and it looks like his propensity for cavities is one of the less desireable traits I passed on to my lovely son. Dr. Jennifer pities the distance I travel to see her and agrees to fill then while we are there and save me a return trip.

Super Son is a funny kid and if you are a fan of his humor then I highly recommend seeing the show while he is breathing nitrous oxide. Let it suffice to say there was much snorting and fart noises to be had.

They were mid way through the numbing injections when Super Son forgot to breathe through his nose (where the nitrous is) and promptly began to freak out. He was crying and holding my hand while Dr. Jennifer and her assistant talked to him gently and wiped his tears. I kid you not, she wiped his tears all the while reminding him to "breathe through your nose".

When the shots were all done we kicked back while he numbed up and then they got started. This time he remembered to breathe through his nose and I think he actually dozed off for a few minutes.

(Crappy cell phone picture of Super Son getting his first filling)

Fillings complete. No more sugar bugs camping in his mouth. We took their tent down and threw it in the trash.

And to top it off somewhere in there I got my teeth cleaned too.

Super Son is feeling great this morning and was uber diligent about brushing and flossing. I can't decide if he just listend to the lesson about brushing all sides of his teeth or if he just doesn't want any more fillings. Either way I am happy with the result and happy to drive back to Cedar another 6 months.

What more could you want in a dentist than someone who can shoot your kid up with drugs, wipe his tears, use a drill on his teeth and still have him coming back for more. All the while knowing she really hopes she never has to use the drill on him again. Just reminding him to brush and floss a little better will work just fine.

Oh, maybe I could ask for a beer. It is my Cheers after all.

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