Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blue October Blisters

I have been to see some live music lately...Sarah Hickman, The Eggmen, but nothing has been so anticipated in our house as the approaching date for the Blue October concert.

Okay so the anticipation was largely on my part, but my kids have their own favorites from the newest album so I know I am not alone in being excited even though they didn't get to go.

Anyway, I go into full on fan mode and insist on arriving when the will call booth opens because the venue is general admission with no seating. We got rock star parking but I guess I have gotten used to the VIP treatment in many things because I forgot how long lines can be when you are at the end of them and oh boy were we at the end. I also forgot how badly it hurts to stand in really cute strappy heels for 6 hours. My blisters had blisters this morning. I managed to inadvertently sniff out the most odourous pot dealer in Austin (and I am sure managed to get a contact high while trying to do my best to breathe around him). And I think I set a new record in the port-a-potty hoover-athon. I swear I am buying one of these if I make a habit of venues that use port-a-potties.

But the music...oh the music. It was a think of beauty. I have always wished I had some musical talent (I don't) and seeing some of the songs that have most moved me over the last few years performed live was wonderful. Lyrically staggering, they have a violin and a singer who does a shout out to his Mom who is there to see the show too.

My adoration could have something to do with the auditory deprivation. I think the last big concert I went to was Shania Twain (don't you dare repeat it. I will never admit it) but regardless of the reason I was sated. I dreamt musical dreams and am truly happy for the experience.

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