Saturday, April 11, 2009

We're here till Thursday...Tip your zombie waitress

Last weekend Hero Husband ran in the Capital 10K. A uniquely Austin race that has developed a bit of reputation for lets just call it "originality".

He ran a good time and was happy to have done it. We staked out a spot on the course about halfway so we could see him and take in the "originality".

For some reason Super Son & Miss Thing decided that taking harmonicas would be a great idea. I found no fault in their logic and boy am I glad that I didn't argue. Once the runners were truly under way we settled in for what became Super Son a-polooza ~ with a harmonica. I kid you not the runners were cheering for him and thanking him for the "concert". Miss Thing pooped out a little early, but when she was on she was on and they made an impressive duo.

I was so busy clapping, cheering and taking photos that I missed the hug a native Austinite runner and when she heard my lament she turned around, after already beginning the downhill, and came back to allow me to claim my native hug. One native to another. Pretty sure that didn't happen too often that day!

Where you may be wondering do zombies fit in.

Earlier this year someone hacked a traffic warning sign in downtown Austin. I think we actually made the CNN news of the weird. I personally though it was hilarious.

I include the story because one particularly funny set of runners chose this as their costume. One was the sign and chasing him...a zombie. I truly couldn't be more irritated that they were actually running at a pretty decent clip and I didn't get a picture, but apparently zombies were a theme this year and considering my "out" status I found the theme all the more funny. Zombies really are people too.

And just to round things out we have lady with a giant taco hat, the Blues Brothers (who offered to buy Miss Thing ~ creepy), balloon turkey/dodo bird man and the ever classic "Runny" nose. Now you know you want to come and watch the 10k next year don'tcha?

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