Monday, May 11, 2009

Crazy Fan Girl

I don't generally watch the news (the internet gives me what I need), but I NEVER watch the awful Sunday morning fluff fests on the major networks. Sometime about 2years ago the TV had been left on and as I wandered around the house taking care of lord only knows what when I was assaulted with a hook that drug me back from the kitchen to find the source.

I wanna feel the car crash
I wanna feel the capsize
I wanna feel the bomb drop, the earth stop
till I'm satisfied

Crime of all crimes (I am pretty sure it was even on the FOX station, which is generally a punishable offense in my house). I was willing to forgive the crime because what I got for the offense was Matt Nathanson. I was really happy to have a DVR so I could back forward(as Miss Thing calls it) and find out who this was that was responsible for the auditory feast I was enjoying. What I get was even better than the hook

I'm wide awake and so alive
I'm ringing like a bell.
Tell me this is paradise
and not some place I fell

If you haven't heard him you are missing out, if you have and you don't love his music, well...there is just no nice way to say it. You have certifiably poor taste. If you need verification of my wisdom you can check out the reviews here, here or here, but at the end of the day this is the world according to Shannon and what I think is what matters here.

So, last year I got word that egads Matt Nathanson was playing someplace on 6th street. Cue Fan Girl Crazy Dance! The babysitter was set and off I went with my lovely husb in tow. The bar he was playing in didn't open on regular people schedule (I called at 5 to find out what time he played) so we figured we'd get some dinner and head on over. 7:30 there is still no one at the door, but I manage to play the suburban idiot Mom card and get someone to find for me the what and when. He didn't start his set until 10. People who plan these things. I really like Matt Nathanson and I really want to hear him play. I also really like my children (except when they wake me up at 5am) and have a job to go to in the morning (that means I have to be up before noon). So the plans were scrapped and I found solace in some gelatto from whole foods. * sigh *

I promise the story gets better

So a few months ago I heard that Matt Nathanson was the special guest at a Jack's Mannequin show coming to Stubbs in May. On Mother's Day. Sweet, I can buy myself a present. Thankfully by the time the day rolled around I had learned many lessons courtesy of Blue October playing at Stubbs and while we looked awesome then(thank you very much) I went with my trusty chacos this time.

So we arrive and enjoy a few minutes of Erin McCarly (enough to decide to head over to concessions and buy one of her CD's) and grab a beer as they change up the stage.

And then there was Matt Nathanson. There are some bands that you like musically and then you see them live and are less than impressed. This was not one of those nights.

Let me ask you what do Barton Springs, Hannah Montana and her existential crisis, Dagobah (yes that Dagobah, Yoda's planet of exile) and Rick Springfield all have in common? They were all a part of the best set of the evening. It was truly hysterical and that doesn't even get into Nathanson's effort to avoid cursing after he realized there were kids on the VIP balcony, the panties that found their way on stage, the replacement for the word sex with ice cream and hand gestures and the Jessie's girl sing along (to which you were called out on from the stage if you didn't sing).

All of this and we haven't even talked about the music. Ahhh the music. I don't know what to say. I have a distinct lack of any musical skill, talent or ability but I am a fan and I love to listen. Good music makes my heart feel light or makes me cry and I was floating last night. Nathanson and his band of merry men (some of which were from Austin ~ and one from Massachusetts that I only mention because he was awesome too and I love Boston)were as great live as in the studio and so much fun that I will be sure to see them again every chance I get.

Oh yeah and then Jack's Mannequin played. They were good too. Is it all that obvious what band we came to hear?

Hero Husband does these things for a love of me ~ what a guy ~ but I hold on to the illusion that he might actually be having fun sometimes. I really think he had fun last night and don't tell him I told you, but I think I might have seen him singing too.

Side note for Stubbs event planners ~ for a venue with no fans (the blowing kind not the concert going kind) and no chairs you should really find a way to shorten the transition time. Holy crap it took 45 minutes for Jack's Mannequin to be ready to go.

Oh, and if you want the story on how Dagobah made it into the set you will have to comment and I will tell you all about it there.

Ovah & Out!

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  1. You crack me up Shan!! Just an FYI - they staff the stagehands according to what the band requires. I think Metallica during sxsw had 25.