Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mismaloya y Caletas

Okay so not the most inventive of post titles, but I like the word Mismaloya. It rolls off my tongue. A little smoother after a few beers but I find that I keep saying it as often as I can just because I can. Oh, and there is that small thing about us sitting around enjoying La Playa Mismaloya all day that gives me an extra reason. If I was in Cleveland then wandering around saying Mismaloya people would probably write me off as afflicted in some strange way. Here people seem to know what I am talking about at least and at worst discount my repetitive behavior as a classic case of crazy American practicing her spanish....badly.

We packed the kids up this morning to catch a boat to Las Caletas.

Miss Thing has been wanting to see the jungle (She seems truly convinced that if we find vines Diego just might come swinging by) and Las Caletas is an awesome little segment of private beach that gets you into the jungle a bit with a little control for those of us with a ridiculous desire to avoid jungle related illnesses. Turns out that director John Huston used it as his home for years after filming Night of the Iguana here. That quickly prompted Super Son and Miss thing to plead their case for letting us live there. Off the grid for the afternoon is one thing...I will pass on taking up residence there.

While we were there we found in a hammock swinging happily a rare species Missus Thingus Naturalas.

What a lovely specimen! She was quickly replaced by the more commonly known Missus Thingus Hammus ItUpus Maximus.

Hero Husband even got his hands on the camera for a bit.

Well, the sun is setting and the Puerto Vallarta rainy season is gracing us with an evening storm that tastes fresh and summery as it comes down from the mountain whipping up winds worthy of a good romance novel cover. So I leave you with a parting shot and some old Irish wisdom about living near the sea

'It stops old wounds from hurting. It revives the spirit. It quickens the passions of mind and body, yet lends tranquility to the soul.'

When you sit at the seam between the tropical forest and the beach I think this becomes exponentially more true. I may only be living here for a short time but I will embrace it while I can.

(oh my goodness does she look like her Daddy or what?)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

How awesome is the TSA?

The TSA may have earned its less than stellar reputation in more ways than one lately but as with all things you can’t judge the group by the failings of one...

The fun began with awesomely oblivious Mom (that would be me) laid out clothes for our eager travelers. Miss Thing's cute little blue dress with mermaid socks and for Super Son a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a rockstar black printed t-shirt.

Cargo shorts that have 9 metal snaps and 2 metal slide buckles should never go near an airport security booth. Combine that with a frozen orange juice concentrate container lid slipped in a pocket and we were quickly whisked off to our very own “male assisted detail screening”

Super Son failed to confess to the orange juice container lid with the first screener when she asked if he had anything in his pockets and as she called for our detail screening he went white.

As soon as they set us down in the private area he looked at the new agent and said “I think I found something in my pocket.” and slid the lid out and handed it over.

The agent couldn’t have been nicer. He explained to us both everything he was doing as he waved the wand over, around and under every one of those blasted snaps and buckles.

So thank you to the TSA agent who was as nice as could be while inadvertently helping to teach my lovely son a lesson in little white lies...when it was really all my fault.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

My little girl growing up

Just before bed last night Miss Thing announced that she wanted holes in her ears like mine.

So this morning the anticipation was in full swing

Until the piercing was done and she was and she said "Ow it hurts"

And after a smoothie everything was better and she was loving her pretty blue sapphire earrings.

My little girl is growing up

They say that everything is bigger in Texas

But seriously beer in a glass so big I could fit my head in it.

They actually offered a small, medium and large beer... This being the large

and don't get me started on the hot dog that Super Son ordered