Sunday, July 19, 2009

How awesome is the TSA?

The TSA may have earned its less than stellar reputation in more ways than one lately but as with all things you can’t judge the group by the failings of one...

The fun began with awesomely oblivious Mom (that would be me) laid out clothes for our eager travelers. Miss Thing's cute little blue dress with mermaid socks and for Super Son a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a rockstar black printed t-shirt.

Cargo shorts that have 9 metal snaps and 2 metal slide buckles should never go near an airport security booth. Combine that with a frozen orange juice concentrate container lid slipped in a pocket and we were quickly whisked off to our very own “male assisted detail screening”

Super Son failed to confess to the orange juice container lid with the first screener when she asked if he had anything in his pockets and as she called for our detail screening he went white.

As soon as they set us down in the private area he looked at the new agent and said “I think I found something in my pocket.” and slid the lid out and handed it over.

The agent couldn’t have been nicer. He explained to us both everything he was doing as he waved the wand over, around and under every one of those blasted snaps and buckles.

So thank you to the TSA agent who was as nice as could be while inadvertently helping to teach my lovely son a lesson in little white lies...when it was really all my fault.

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