Sunday, August 09, 2009

It's always fun and games until someone gets hurt

Today was the fire station family picnic and we all gathered together for a good meal and some great conversation.

As things were winding down the chief said that we should let the kids jump on the beds before we left and so some good old fashioned monkeys on the bed commenced.

That is until one little monkey fell off guessed it bonked her head.

I guess if you are going to have an accident it is ideal to do it in the middle of a fire station surrounded by Daddy and his fire fighters.

Off we went to Dell Children's Hospital to get our sweet little one all patched up.

#2 and the Back Cracker picked up Super Son and took him to Grama & Grampa's for Grampa's birthday party and because as he said "I don't want to see what they are going to do to Miss Thing's chin when they fix it."

While we waited we had a tea party

She was such a tough girl and while she started out with this

The child life specialists talked her through what was going to happen and let her touch all of the instruments. We hoped that they would glue her wound, but when it was all said and done we left with this.

5 stitches and she is all put back together now and proud of herself for being so tough.
She is surely one tough little girl.

Glow in the Dark

Of all the uses I can come up with for glow in the dark paint I never would have imagined badminton being one of them.

Apparently at the fire station they have started playing, badminton that is. After realizing that it was too hot to play in the parking lot until the sun went down they quickly discovered that they couldn't play for long because you couldn't see the shuttlecock (otherwise known as a birdie) for more than a few minutes.

The first solution...break open a glow stick and cover the birdie with the contents and prepare to have glowy stuff splattered all over you as you play. Hero Husband swears he wasn't around to consult on this little bit of ingenuity.

Hero Husband was lamenting the loss of the glow in the dark birdie he remembers playing with when he was little (did they even have glow in the dark toys back then?) and I suggested they get some glow in the dark paint and just paint the birdies.

My awesomeness apparently knows no bounds. He doubted the existence of glow in the dark paint until I sent him into Home Depot to procure some. The paint department staff knew that I was right and he returned with the goods.

Next report: Painting of the birdies and glow in the dark badminton ~ success or failure

Sunday, August 02, 2009

And until next year

Vacation wrap up

Super Son and I went kayaking out to los arcos

and he discovered a new hobby

And now on to some examples of what happens when the kids commandeer the camera

Adventures at Sea World

Super Son, Miss Thing & Finn ready to hit Sea World We should all have a friend with us that wants to hold hands on a new adventure Finn if you stand right here you'll see your Mom and Dad come down on the boat roller coaster... You should have a great view and you should be able to stay dry.
sorry about that kids Super Son has begun perfecting the big brother skill of bunny ears Come on Finn I'll go with you Have you ever seen a 4D movie? There was much debate about what the 4th dimension was. That is until the seats began vibrating and the chair in front of me sprayed water in my face. I screamed and jumped. Miss Thing looked at me like I was crazy.