Sunday, August 09, 2009

Glow in the Dark

Of all the uses I can come up with for glow in the dark paint I never would have imagined badminton being one of them.

Apparently at the fire station they have started playing, badminton that is. After realizing that it was too hot to play in the parking lot until the sun went down they quickly discovered that they couldn't play for long because you couldn't see the shuttlecock (otherwise known as a birdie) for more than a few minutes.

The first solution...break open a glow stick and cover the birdie with the contents and prepare to have glowy stuff splattered all over you as you play. Hero Husband swears he wasn't around to consult on this little bit of ingenuity.

Hero Husband was lamenting the loss of the glow in the dark birdie he remembers playing with when he was little (did they even have glow in the dark toys back then?) and I suggested they get some glow in the dark paint and just paint the birdies.

My awesomeness apparently knows no bounds. He doubted the existence of glow in the dark paint until I sent him into Home Depot to procure some. The paint department staff knew that I was right and he returned with the goods.

Next report: Painting of the birdies and glow in the dark badminton ~ success or failure

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  1. *laugh* at the spatters and yes, you are a genius :)