Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bean got a dollhouse for her birthday.

Very well organized.

Upon further investigation

Why is there a dog bath in the nursery? Wait a minute, why is there a mom in the dog bath?

Did Grandma have a little too much to drink with dinner?

And what exactly is Dad wearing?

Yes, that would be a baby sling.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween

Hero Husband was gone on his elk hunting trip when Miss Thing's birthday was approaching so we opted to schedule her birthday party when we knew he would be back. I asked her if she wanted to have a Halloween party holding out hope that she would bite and score one for team Mom she did.

Then she got the flu and we had to cancel the party.

Then I got the flu from Miss Thing and we wondered if our house would still be a petri dish for the redo date.

Last year I lamented the annual struggle to work my family into a cohesive costume theme. For the record I had no success last year (princess, 2 soldiers and a kung fu girl do not a family costume make) but this year as I prepared my arguments, exhibits and documentation of prior Halloween fun in family costume the kids surprised me.

"Mom, I want to be an indian" Super Son announced. I began strategizing for what I could tempt Miss Thing with because of her recent obsession with Snow White when she declared that she wanted to be a cowgirl.

Choirs of heavenly angels began to sing and i barely restrained myself from dancing. This was something I could work with.
Hero Husband opted for an old west sheriff and I went for the saloon girl.

Costumes were pulled together and the morning of the party there was much curling of hair and painting of faces.

And then there was the old west family

and it was good.

Oh yeah and then there was a birthday party. That was fun too.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Policeman vs Fireman

Turn off the music at the bottom of the page before you hit play.


Wise words from a friend

"He [God] loves us through the way we love each other. Someday our small children will be grown, our busy hours will be times of quiet reflection, we may or may not still be married, we may be healthy or we may be fighting for our life, but if we are very, very lucky...we will have the indescribable comfort of women who have traveled beside us. We don't just get that as a bonus, we get it because we invested all along" -Kristin Armstrong

Thinking about all of the amazing women that I travel with. Love you all.