Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pack your bags kids we're goin' to Nova Scotia

So here I am sitting around catching up on my blog reading eating a pomegranate. My keyboard is getting a little sticky and I am wondering if the yummy fruit is really worth all the effort. So, I decide to tweet about it. My holy awesome amazing mac tells me that I have misspelled pomegranate and so google it to check spelling.

And this is one of the results that pops up

The pomegranate phone

Seems pretty strange to me to name a pda after a very round, difficult to eat fruit and so I do what any rational consumer would do. I click on the link to check it out.

The pomegranate phone brews coffee, projects HD video onto your wall, can be used as a harmonica and has a built in electric razor among its features.

When you are done exploring the device and click to find out the release date information you are directed to the place where you really can have it all... Nova Scotia

Freaking marketing brilliance. I want to go now just because of the genius in this marketing plan.

Oh and the global voice translator. I want one of those for real. They sell those in Nova Scotia right?

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