Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rocks in your chones

So this afternoon I arrive at Miss Thing's school to pick her up. I head out to the playground and she is half sitting on a swing a small herd of 4 year olds around her and she has her hand in her chones.


I walk a little closer

"Hey baby girl. Everything okay in your britches?"

One of her friends hands her a few small rocks from the playscape and she stashes them in her pa'nti'es.

Again I say ~ Strange

She looks up at me smiling happily

"Nope Mama I'm fine"

I begin removing the rocks as her teacher approaches

"Miss Thing, honey" I say "Rocks don't belong in your your va*gin~a so lets not put them in your pa'ntie's"

"But Mom I didn't have a place to carry them"

Sure enough she is wearing pants with no pockets. I am somewhat pleased with her logic if still slightly disturbed by the end result.

Her teacher has arrived and lovingly bestows a hug on me.

"I just wanted to thank you for Miss Thing. She is such a gem in class and is so smart."

I agree, but I can't decide if she is being facetious because of the rocks in the chones or if she is being serious.

She continues "Today I hid cards all around the room with "H" words and asked the class to find them. She (and her best friend Finn) were the only ones who did it."

So there you have it. Putting rocks in your britches doesn't preclude you from being smart.

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