Monday, February 22, 2010

Vodka Smoothies

Okay so I am a bad blogger.

I could come up with a litany of different reasons why I am so far behind, but I will spare you the whining and promise that I will post a few time capsules here and there to catch you up on every little thing, oh and try to post more regularly.

What finally kicked me off the proverbial pot? Not Me Monday. MckMamma has a blog that I started following when she was expecting her 4th baby and well, I kinda like her. So for this week's Not Me Monday she offered up a pretty headband that would look lovely on my little chestnut headed girl and well for a headband, I'm so in.

So here it is my inaugural Not Me Monday.

I have never fed my children vodka smoothies for breakfast, Not Me!

Super Son what do you want for breakfast?

A smoothie, great I can do a smoothie.

Miss Thing do you want a smoothie too? Wonderful. Smoothies for everyone.

Gather gather...all the necessities. Strawberries, blueberries, banana, milk, omega 3's, protein powder, OJ. What OJ, where's the OJ.

Dang it. We are out of OJ. My smoothies just don't taste as good without OJ to tart them up.

Okay, let me look in the freezer and see if we have any frozen citrus to throw in there.

Oh hey, the OJ is in the freezer. Strange. Note to self. Tell Hero Husband not to put the OJ in the freezer. I can't find things when you hide them from me. Oh and he must have just done it cause it's still all slushy and not frozen solid. Score.

Add everything to the blender... Kids cover your ears I am going to turn on the blend WHIRRRRRRR

Yeah, the cups have matching lids this morning and they all match no shrieking for the Shamu cup. I am an exceedingly awesome mom today.

Super Son, here is your smoothie

Miss Thing, here is your smoothie

I'm going to get ready for work. Be nice to each other

Guys we are leaving, why haven't you finished your smoothies? If you don't drink your smoothie you won't have any energy for the day. Snack time isn't for another hour and a half. Drink your smoothie.

Seriously DRINK your smoothie.


Why doesn't it taste good? I made it the same way I do every time Super Son, please for the love of Pete drink your smoothie or I am going to be late.

Of course I didn't try the smoothie Hero Husband, I don't really like smoothies for breakfast and there was just enough for the kids.

What do you mean "what did I put in that it tastes awful" I put all the usual stuff in it. Strawberries, blueberries, banana, milk, omega 3's, protein powder, OJ. Oh by the way don't put the OJ in the freezer that isn't where it goes and obviously it was hard to find.

You didn't, well I swear that's where it was.

You put what in the OJ and stuck it in the freezer how long ago?

Well that explains why it wasn't frozen.

Great. Vodka OJ smoothies.

Super Son & Miss Thing, lets go. How about a breakfast taco on the way to school to sop up all the booze.

I did not just give my kids vodka smoothies for breakfast, nope, not me.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA That is absolutely hilarious! I shared that with my husband and he told me that it sounded like something I would do. We now aren't speaking, but that's neither here nor there.

    Happy NMM and thanks for the laugh :)

  2. Holy shit! I came here expecting to get a really good recipe for a vodka smoothie. Not only did I get that (FYI need the OJ recipe too) but a kick ass story as well.
    So when do you make your Mother of the Year acceptance speech? Wanna borrow mine from two years ago when I made the mistake of trying to make beer bread and infant cereal at the same time. "Sweeie, why is the cereal fizzing?"

  3. Hilarious! Totally something I would do--and I'm glad I'm not the only one ;)

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