Friday, March 12, 2010

Angel Fire

So we went on a family ski trip to celebrate 8 wonderful years of Super Son.
Jezebel (our navigatress of doom) managed to take us lots of interesting places that weren't exactly on the way.
but it's okay we found our way out, scared a few goat farmers, peed on the side of a cliff (okay that was just me) and laughed about it...alot (okay that was just me too - I think Hero Husband was worried for a minute there about my mental stability)

It was cold at night and warm and sunny in the day which meant you had to watch your head in a lot of places or these would quickly become something other than pretty to look at

As if my lungs needed a reminder of what I was doing to them. The wheezing and panting was indication enough of our elevation.

Awww look at my little snow bunnies.

They were so happy playing in deep snow on the side of the road.

Seriously I drove all this way and paid for a condo and lift tickets so you could play in the snow bank on the side of the road.

But I totally get why they like to play in it. Its so sparkly. Miss Thing was in princess sparkle heaven and Super Son insisted that I get a picture of all the sparkles.

Thank the Gods of ski school and drop-in daycare that Hero Husband and I got to ski together. And while you are at it we should have a moment of silence in honor of the genius that has a convenience store open late on the mountain. Not just any convenience store mind you, but one that is half convenience (thank you zyrtec and kleenex) and half wine celler/beer cooler.

Here we are enjoying our squinty time together.

Super Son has spent the last month reminding us that he was skiing faster than Dad the last day and that to do the iditarod he needs us to move to a snowy place. The Winter Olympics didn't exactly help his current craving.

And now we are home and it's 80 degrees outside.

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