Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Adventures of Sneaky Wife Part II

So we rolled in around 1:30 and called it a night.

Waking up we knew the clock was ticking on our last day and so we crafted a plan.

Breakfast, touristy walking around & souvenirs for the kids.

Breakfast was tasty and then we caught the train out to Harvard. There were some middle school kids on the subway taking a Hahvahd. They were practicing map reading.
Growing up in Austin field trip = hours on a bus so the idea of being on a subway for a field trip at that age sounds like bliss to me.

It is a beautiful campus but smaller in person than we expected. It is certainly some kind of proximity based osmosis, but I know I felt smarter just having been there.

There was a pencil between John Harvard's fingers on his left hand. Lame joke, but I laughed.

Then back in to the city where we saw some interesting people

and an old fire station that sadly had too many markers for line of duty deaths.

Our last stop on the way back to the airport was Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall for shopping

and Cheers for lunch.

Oh yeah and some Boston Cream Pie for dessert. Quite tasty.

We came, we saw, we good luck charmed, we decided that just because Canadians can drink beer at 18 doesn't mean they should and ended up tasting or doing everything on our list with one exception. We couldn't find the elusive Magic Hat # 9 Beer.

When we got home I hit the market down the street only to find it there. Miss the cool breezy weather in Boston, but glad to be least until next year's marathon.

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