Thursday, May 13, 2010

A product review

So Super Son had his First Holy Communion last weekend and I wanted a new dress for the occasion. After the recent online shopping debacles (I purchased 6 dresses online in April and ended up returning them all) I was somewhat hesitant about dipping my toe into dangerous waters. For me finding the right online clothing company can be just as dangerous as the frustration of finding the wrong one time and time again. And then I read a review by my online friend SouthernDomesticGoddess for eshakti and figured what they hey I'll try one more time.

that would go perfectly with my new favorite shoes.

My favorite thing about the clothes is not something I actually took advantage of with this order and that is the ability to customize your sizing. Turns out they take their measurements seriously and provide the best description of how to measure and where to measure than I have found on any other website. With the cut and style of the dress I chose a standard size would work just fine for me. But if I had chosen say something like this

I could have provided specific measurements for my body to ensure that the dress fit me perfectly.

Oh and then lets say I lived in the frozen tundra...I could have added sleeves.

Or suppose I have awesome clavicles and those darn v-necks don't show it off as well as a nice wide scoop...I could change the neckline to what most flattered me.

Or, as much as I love my knees, a pencil skirt that hits just below them makes my calves look awesome...I can lengthen it to make it just right.

If you know what looks good on your body and finding the dress that does all the right things for you is the hard part, this is the company for you.

The only area that they could have done better was the shipping. The website mentions "We ship now in 3 days" what they fail to mention is that they are shipping from India and that can involve customs delays. Ultimately it took 10 days from the date of shipment for the dress to arrive. I don't mind the 10 days, but for standard UPS shipping rates (approx $8.00) 10 days was longer than was reasonable.

New customers can register for a $15 discount on their first order by providing an email address.

I will definitely order from them again.


  1. The dress looks great on you! I'm sorry to hear that you had shipping troubles. Thanks for linking to me!