Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Sneaky Wife Strikes Again

Saturday was Hero Husband's and my 11th wedding anniversary.

We agreed that we weren't going to buy gifts this year, but would enjoy the day together, celebrate Super Son's First Holy Communion and maybe go out on a date on Sunday.

And then my old friend from high school Tamar posted on Facebook that she had tickets available for the RedSox on Sunday. Better yet they were playing the Yankee. And they were great seats.

A bit of a lark I posted her back that I was interested and she ignored me. No Really. It's my anniversary that weekend and it would be a blast to surprise Hero Husband with a quick trip and tickets to the game.

I figured if it was meant to work out then the game would be late in the day, the airline would have frequent flier mileage seats and a decent hotel package and one of the Grandmas would be willing to sacrifice their Mother's Day to the care of my favorite little tax deductions.

Apparently it was meant to be.

I haven't been to Boston since Cassie's Olympic Trial Marathon race 2 years ago and if we haven't talked since then I'm sure someone I know has told you that it was a case of metropolis love and boy was I excited at the opportunity to show it to Hero Husband.

With the exception of the surprise trip to Vegas I have generally earned the reputation of being unable to keep secrets from Hero Husband. This wasn't easy, but I managed to keep the secret. Hero Husband, however, decided to pick this week to analyze my laundry habits and noticed that he was missing a pair of jeans and a sweater. I came up with some ridiculous excuse and while he seemed to buy it he was being more observant than was conducive to the mission of the Sneaky Wife.

Sunday morning at 4:15 when I turned the lights on and told him to get dressed I think he was at least a little surprised...and of course there were more surprises to come.

So we get to Boston and check into the Back Bay Hotel. The Back Bay is the most recent reincarnation of the old Boston Police Headquarters building. They did an amazing job. The room was luxuriously comfortable and even though a good ghost story would have been fun it was almost hard to tell what the building had been in a prior life. The Irish Pub, Cuffs, was the most noticeable nod to the men in blue.

We were starved by then and departed for Legal Seafood to meet Tamar & her precious son Aiden for lunch. Chowda, salted beer and fried clams managed to take the edge off and she got to give Hero Husband the tickets to the game. We left with a list of "must do's" (more than one that involved beer) and a plan to mark at least a few of them off the list that night.

We took a quick ride up to the 50th floor of the Prudential Tower to see the skyline and then off to conquer as much of the city as we could cram in before the 8pm first pitch.

Up through Beacon Hill and then to the State House. It was beautiful and had a bronze statue in the rear garden of fire fighters. I wanted to go see the plaque next to it, but was stopped by security. Unlike our Capitol Building in Austin the grounds to the Massachusetts State House are not open to the public, at least on a Sunday. Disappointing, but not much to be done about it so we just kept walking toward the Freedom Trail. We then got kicked out of not one, but two cemeteries. Apparently with the Celtics being in the middle of a game, the Bruins having just won and the Sox playing in a few hours the park rangers elected to close the parks at 4:30 rather than dark.

The early closings gave us time to linger in the Commons and Public Garden on our way back to the Hotel.

After a short rest we grabbed our jackets, hats, gloves and scarves bought a one day Charlie pass and caught the Green Line out to Fenway. The train was packed and thankfully everyone was pretty fresh and were happy to have gotten on. We followed the exodus from the station to the field.

I love old baseball. Don't get me wrong new baseball isn't bad, but I LOVE old baseball. Fenway, Wrigley and Yankee have been on my bucket list for years. I dream of taking a summer road trip where we drive to every stadium in the country to see a game. Hero Husband took Super Son and me to Yankee Stadium in 2002, then Wrigley in 2004 and I last weekend got to take him to Fenway. I was promptly schooled by our seat mates (and the hot dog vendor) that there are 3 types of baseball fans, Sox Fans, Yankee Fans and Anyone who is playing the Yankees fans. I maintain that there is the 4th type of fan, the Old Baseball Fan. But the point is moot since the Yankees tore down their stadium - now they are dead to me.

So back to Fenway. It is remarkably well maintained and clean. The people were nice, even to the Yankee fans that were dramatically outnumbered. And then the game started. Such booing I have never heard in my life. I was laughing out loud by the time they finished reading the Yankee lineup just listening to the commentary happening all around me. Add to the mix it was Mother's Day and the teams were playing with pink bats. Heaven help the Yankee players who didn't use them. On top of being a *gasp* Yankee they then didn't love their Momma's because they wouldn't play with the pink bat. It was hysterical. This was about the time I received the above referenced schooling about the three types of fans.

Halfway through the second inning I finally got to give Hero Husband the last of his surprises.

When Boston Mamma next to us realized that it was us up on the Jumbo tron she hollered it to the entire section. We were met with much awwwing and applause. Sneaky wife mission was successful.

And to top it all off the Sox won. We have dubbed ourselves the Boston Good Luck Charm, because in the short 28 hours we were on the ground in Boston all three of their teams won. Anecdotal, yes, but evidence nonetheless.

After the game we signed up to take a tour of the field itself.

Through the gates

and a chance to see the green monstah up close and personal

and even the inside where the score keepers do their work and mark their presence.

and of course you can't come this far and not catch a ball headed for the wall.

On our way out the grounds crew started hollering and waving their arms. I was pretty sure we hadn't done anything wrong and sure enough it wasn't us, but if you look closely you will see a player leaving the field with his roller bag right across the outfield.

Before catching the subway back to the hotel we stopped at Boston Beer Works to try their Bunker Hill Blueberry Ale. A sweeter beer with blueberries dropped into it. A tasty way to end the night, or start the next day if you are watching the clock.

And there you have day 1 of our trip to Boston.

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