Thursday, June 03, 2010

Summer oh Summer

So technically summer doesn't actually begin until the solstice on June 21 but in Central Texas it has been so humid and hot it was more of a spr[oh sorry you missed it]ummer kind of spring.

And now you're thinking to yourself "So what it's hot, whatcha going to do about it?"

To that I say "Go Swimming without actually getting in the pool"

Then maybe go freshen up with a nice cold beverage

and if you don't have an Auntie as cool as KatyDid does then you can always go with the vicarious beverage. Rumor is it isn't cold so don't say I didn't warn you.

Then you could try to run so fast you create a great breeze

or if you are fast enough you might just fly. Either one should work.

Happy Summer!


  1. Heh. Love it! My daughter is a total pool rat... she drives me pool crazy.

  2. It has been crazy warm lately. I'm in Minnesota and my girls have been in our little kiddie pool almost every weekend for about a month now. I'm not gonna complain one bit!