Saturday, July 31, 2010


So I found another blog that I like to follow.

Yes, I am sure you are surprised.

I present you with Pioneer Woman. She takes pretty pictures, lives on a cattle ranch, wrote a cookbook that I am looking forward to trying out, has a few kids and tells funny stories about basset hounds. She has a thing for chaps.

Which reminded me. Chaps are a good thing.

I think cows are probably happy to give up their hides in service of those of us who like to look at chaps.

Thanks cows. Really. I appreciate it.

There was this halloween not so long ago

I was a saloon girl, Hero Husband was a cowboy.

The symmetry, the accentuation

Chaps my friends, chaps. It was a thing of beauty.

Sadly I was so engrossed in the scenery I neglected to take any photos...that I can share.

So what's a city girl like me to do when chaps aren't really necessary outside of costume related holidays?

Find other opportunities to appreciate the lovely scenery.

Have a great shift Hero Husband. Save lives, put out fires, all that jazz.

Woman, what are you doing?

Just enjoying the scenery. Chaps optional

Friday, July 30, 2010

Conversations with a 4 year old

Miss Thing take your finger out of your mouth

Daddy, It's not a finger, its a thumb.

Really, How many fingers do you have?


I have seven fingers.

Yes she is holding up 8 fingers.
The facts are not important here people just the story so move along

Mommy snickering in the corner.

Hero Husband, she gets her logical thinking from you and I think you just got schooled.

Monday, July 19, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation (at least this weekend's part of it)

So we have survived the first week without Super Son. 5 more days until we pick him up ~ I will spare you the hour by hour count down clock running in my head.

Miss Thing still misses him, but seems to be enjoying the copious amounts time alone with Mom and Dad.

Camp is still posting pictures pretty regularly and we were pleased to get another 2 letters from Super Son.

He has apparently caught the biggest fish for the camp term (Grandpa response was "Of course he did."), he wants a canoe of his own and he liked the package that we sent.

Miss Thing and I went to Port A this weekend to hang out with Aunt Susan and her entourage of hysterically entertaining teenagers (that aren't really teenagers anymore, but I can't quite come to terms with that yet~so I will keep calling them teenagers).

We fished

We beach combed

We were attacked by a massive swarm of mosquitos that necessitated an Alfred Hitchcock analogy and huge quantities of anti-itch cream.

I think Miss Thing will be scarred for life and likely never join a running group after hearing me shriek "Run Miss Thing Run...Faster" as we all smacked our selves and each other.

We learned that KatyDid likes to eat sand. ew.

We got a little sun,
but apparently so did Super Son

Yes, he is wearing two different shoes, but if you notice the kid next to him is wearing his underpants on the outside of his shorts so it is truly all about perspective.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A few more images of camp

Super Son after checking in

This is how we left Super Son, looking at the photo album I made for him with pictures of his family to help him if he got homesick. In his letter today he said he has been looking at it every morning when he wakes up. ~sigh~

Super Son drawing for his Crew - he is an Explorer

Day 1 of camp has Super Son canoeing

Day 2 we don't know what Super Son did. He managed to duck the cameras all day.

Day 3 of camp Super Son is cooking & playing games

Camp Ho!

So for the last 10 months or so Super Son has been gearing up for camp. Saving up money, mentally preparing, trying to get his %^*&# staph infection healed and under control. I have been busy during the last week labeling and writing his name on anything that would stand still long enough to be labeled. No one tells you how hard it is to write on socks.

It. is. hard.

Saturday was the big day. Everything was packed and we met up with some friends to caravan. Last time we went for family visit day to Lonehollow we learned that watching a movie in the back seat + winding roads = nauseous children. We were glad to follow Jamil & Paige who knew a faster route than we had taken last time (translation faster straighter roads). Something you should know about Jamil. He was driving the vehicle that left Austin 45 minutes after we did but still managed to catch up before Kerville. This was not all that surprising to me as I have been known to put the pedal to the metal when catching up with someone. I was wrong. Jamil is just wicked fast. I was amazed at one point we actually got passed by a motorcycle. Then a few hills later said motorcycle was pulled over getting a ticket.

Glad that wasn't us.

Super Son got more and more excited the closer we got and the "are we there yet?"s became more regular. Waiting for the gates to open began to feel a bit like cruising on 6th street.

But do you see why I had camp envy? This is what we are greeted with as we enter the camp.

This place is gorgeous - and yes that is a line of families all arriving to drop off their campers. Super Son was so amused by my jealousy of him that he mentioned in his first letter home that there is a family camp next spring that I can go to.

One of my girlfriends commented on how grown up they all are when they come home from camp.

I realized that this is probably what is so hard.

He is growing up.

Beautifully strong and kind.

I'm just not sure that I am ready for it to happen.

So here he is in all of his youth and pre-camp not yet grown up glory.

I can't wait to see him in a few weeks.