Monday, July 19, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation (at least this weekend's part of it)

So we have survived the first week without Super Son. 5 more days until we pick him up ~ I will spare you the hour by hour count down clock running in my head.

Miss Thing still misses him, but seems to be enjoying the copious amounts time alone with Mom and Dad.

Camp is still posting pictures pretty regularly and we were pleased to get another 2 letters from Super Son.

He has apparently caught the biggest fish for the camp term (Grandpa response was "Of course he did."), he wants a canoe of his own and he liked the package that we sent.

Miss Thing and I went to Port A this weekend to hang out with Aunt Susan and her entourage of hysterically entertaining teenagers (that aren't really teenagers anymore, but I can't quite come to terms with that yet~so I will keep calling them teenagers).

We fished

We beach combed

We were attacked by a massive swarm of mosquitos that necessitated an Alfred Hitchcock analogy and huge quantities of anti-itch cream.

I think Miss Thing will be scarred for life and likely never join a running group after hearing me shriek "Run Miss Thing Run...Faster" as we all smacked our selves and each other.

We learned that KatyDid likes to eat sand. ew.

We got a little sun,
but apparently so did Super Son

Yes, he is wearing two different shoes, but if you notice the kid next to him is wearing his underpants on the outside of his shorts so it is truly all about perspective.

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  1. LOL That kid with the underwear is seriously cracking me up!