Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bienvenidos Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has over the last few years become one of my favorite vacation destinations.

Last week sealed the deal. Hero Husband and I took off for some couples time with some friends. All hail my in-laws. Nana & Papa Camp ROCKS!

So here we are at the airport waiting patiently at our gate.

The boys really should have figured it out a little sooner with my maniacal giggling.

But it's really true. They are special in all ways!


Bienvenidos Mexico!

Relax, have a margarita or seven.

Ack! I left the country and Costco is still haunting me. Curses your bulk goodness.

I love it when we arrive somewhere and we de-plane on the tarmac.

It makes me feel like we arrived on a private jet. Bring the car around Jeeves.

It is a tarmac right? Well, it certainly isn't the runway, cause I saw that in ToyStory and there weren't any planes landing on top of us. Plane Parking Lot maybe?

So we have this tasty Mexican dinner, where in the continuum of drunkenness I was the DD and one of us didn't remember the meal the next day, and I order the pistachio ice cream.

I love pistachio ice cream.

This is Chiquito Mexicano.

He likes moonlit walks on the beach and having raisins for eyes.

Our waitress said that her husband's name is also Chiquito Mexicano. Small world.

Traveling sans our precious tax deductions it was easy to be convinced that an adventure excursion would be a great way to spend the day.

We arrive at Vallarta Adventures and our tour guide is waiting for us.

Her name was Hester and she was a bit stand-offish. She also kept calling me gringa and giving me the stink-eye, but hey there's no accounting for taste.

So we load a bunch of tourists in a boat and head out for the day.

I think the Port Authority needs a new translator.

I spent ten minutes reading this with different pauses and inflections. I think it was meant to be a question.

I'd be happy to apply for the job, but the demands of the beach would take away from my blogging.

Geesh ~ The things that I sacrifice for you people.

That and my Spanish is muy mal. They would end up with a random signs that had more to do with photography, wine and purses and a cruise ship would sink or something.

So the boat drops us off here.

Then Hester put us into a big safari truck with no shocks and sent us up the mountain. I swear on every switch back I thought the sucker was going to tip over and toss us out into the jungle to fend for ourselves.

I think Hester would have liked that.

Oh and we saw a chupacabra. I think he and Hester knew each other cause when I asked her if I could take a picture I got the stink-eye again.

After the fun ride up the mountain

we were introduced to our next mode of transportation.

312 mule potty breaks later we made it to the first zip line platform. I heard some complaints that one horse in particular wasn't moving fast enough.

The solution, stop calling your mule a horse.

He probably got offended.

Mules are sensitive like that.

So off to the zip lines. There was much safety instruction and then we were off.

There was absolutely no shaking of legs,
screaming like a girl
or forgetting of all the safety rules.

At least by Hero Husband.

Hey I am a girl so I guess it is okay to scream like one.

After the first line I proceeded to show everyone my mad skills.

Which is easy to do when Hero Husband is quietly giving you a tutorial.

The trick is to make it look like you know what you are doing.

Note to self, this is hard to do when screaming.

I'm a little bit jealous that he gets paid to do this kind of thing at work.

But I'm pretty sure they don't intentionally dunk him in a beautiful mountain waterfall after a rappel.

And that was pretty fun to watch.

We ended the trip with zip line races.

Let's just say that Hero Husband hit the platform second.


Boy am I glad that this isn't what my commute looks like each day.

Hester was waiting for us when we got back. I think she was a little disappointed that we were unharmed.

I tried to tell her a joke and she just walked away.

Girl I have tougher skin than you think...well not tougher than yours, but

I like to think by the end of the day we had formed a bond.

Sisterhood of the jungle kind of thing.


Maybe Not.

So the boys smoked their cuban cigars in an effort to keep me from declaring them at customs. Which I would never do. Oh wait, I did do that. Sorry.

We walked on the beach

We saw some pretty sunsets

We came home and laughed as the kids who were waiting at the door scampered up to their beds and pretended to be asleep.

Adios Puerto Vallarta.

See ya again next year.

Friday, August 06, 2010

All this entertainment & you get to watch a bull riding too!

So I went to San Antonio to volunteer for the Riders Relief Fund.

Being the US Airforce Invitational meant I got to see things like this

Ohh and like this.


oh sorry, jets. I know there's a difference, just not really sure what it is.

And because the event was at the AT&T center (where the Spurs play) I got to see this.

I was there to see bulls, but this wasn't really what I had in mind. Note the world championship earring. It's all the rage in the cattle fashion world these days. Along with the udder net. I wonder if that is like spanx for the bovine population?

There was lots to do to get the arena ready

And all the while there was a Big Green Egg cook-off happening outside.

It was hot. Really hot. I felt bad for the guys waring these lovely yet aforementioned HOT chef's jackets.

Ryan McConnel was busy peeling peppers and cooking away

But Guilherme ended up leaving with this win

The big deal of the night was who would see this number and score the highest while doing it.

Oh wait, who's that?

Brendon Clark. Tweeting too! I can't say that I'm surprised. The guy has become the social media guru for the PBR.

And now on to the main event



Oh wait, that's funny. Puts all new meaning to the advice "Don't squat with your spurs on"

Maybe that's what this guy did. Ouch

The End

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

He who communes with horses

or dogs

but mostly horses are his preference in 4 legged animals

They just might have the secrets of the universe worked out if you leave them to it long enough

He gets to go chat them up today and I wish I could go too.