Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bad Dreams

Since returning home from vacation a few weeks ago Miss Thing has been dreading bed time.

A week rooming with Super Son and having someone there who's eyelashes you can pull to wake them up is apparently a comfort to her and she wasn't so inclined to give it up.

This bedtime dread has manifested in bad dreams.

Mama I'm worried someone is going to steal away our family.

Mama I don't want anyone to get killed.

Yikes. This is getting too heavy for Mama's bag of bedtime tricks.

Miss Thing I have just the solution.

Lets call Grampa Henry.

He has dream magic like nobody else. If there is anyone who can help us with a dream problem it is him.

So we call Grampa Henry and together he and Miss Thing decide that what we need is a horse.

A dream horse.

A dream horse that protects little girls.

But how do you get a dream horse to come to you Grampa?

The answer, apples. and a comb for those horses who like to have pretty hair.

Each night since then Miss Thing has gone to bed ready to tempt her dream horse into body guard duty with a green apple and a horse brush.

And the bad dreams haven't been seen since.

I keep wondering when I will wake up to find the apple half eaten.

Good night and sweet dreams.

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