Friday, September 10, 2010

Game Night

What's a family to do when Hermine comes a visiting?



Super Son and Miss Thing have been asking for a game night since Uncle G came to visit a few weeks ago and *cough* decided not to stay long enough to play.

Apparently he was tired or something.

I know the real reason

He fears my prowess.

He knows he will be forced to surrender to my superior gaming abilities.

This will remain fact until he decides to try and prove otherwise.

Consider the gauntlet thrown Uncle G.

First up... Uno

This is always a crowd favorite and has been seen in places like the San Antonio Airport, on the bunk at camp and in the car.

Miss Thing and I work in a team and it's a great way for her to practice her number and color recognition...if I could manage to hold her cards upright.

Super Son has a strategy and it involves candy.

Hero Husband won after playing for no more than 3.7 minutes.

I contend he cheated so we dealt him another 7 cards and made him keep playing.

He won again 10 minutes later so we moved on

to Hi Ho Cherry O

The red 'basket' is missing because two children that reside in my house repurposed it for a toy horse feed bin or catapult basket at some point in the past.

Everyone takes a turn picking fruit from their trees

Hey look Mom, Daddy is a boy, Super Son is a boy, I'm a girl and you are a dog.

Thanks Miss Thing. A dog with no basket at that.


The fine mechanics of flicking a spinner took a while and a bit of team work figure out, but at last success!

Miss Thing won this time.

Last but not least we moved on to Sorry!

Super Son is a scoundrel and a cheater.

I kid

Just a little, but I am bitter.

Stinker bumped me back to start no less than 5 times.

Strategy be damned I was out for blood.

Miss Thing was rooting for me.

Hero Husband was laughing at me.

Sorry! takes longer to play than the other games so we only had time for 1 round.

Super Son won.

I demand a re-match.

The End.

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