Friday, September 24, 2010


I have a confession to make.

One that will be hard for many of my friends and family to accept.

I hope that you can forgive and still love me.

You see, we all do things a little differently.

We believe differently, we love differently, we cheer differently.

All of our differences don't mean that we can still respect our differences and love one another.
So here it is...

I am an Aggie.

I love the 12th man tradition.

I love maroon (it looks good on me too)

I love kissing in the stands

I love the premise of the "other education". It's kinda' how me and Hero Husband do things.

This rebellious love of mine started back when I was 12 and Mom took me shopping. I saw this awesome A&M shirt. If memory serves it had snoopy on it too. It was so much cooler than all of the other t-shirts and for sure this would look better tucked in with my braided belt and z.cavarrici's


My love now is much less superficial, but it remains.

My kids' names both start with A.

Okay that is just coincidental, but still.

This can be a hard love when you live in Austin. The home of all things burnt orange.

Don't get me wrong. I like the longhorns. I deeply love many people of that persuasion. I kind of think the Aggie's shouldn't sing about sawing Bevo's horns off. He's just a cow after all.

When the Longhorns are playing anyone but the Aggie's I am happy to cheer for them too.

Much to the chagrin of my bovine loving relations

So a few weeks ago I had the chance to mark off one of the items on my life list.

To see an Aggie football game at Kyle Field.

I have been told it is a thing of boisterous, energetic beauty.

Hero Husband works for FEMA through the Texas Task Force-1 and they are based out of College Station, Texas. More precisely the Texas Engineering Extension at A&M. This is the team that he went with to New York City to assist in the search & rescue at Ground Zero. They along with other first responders were being recognized.

So when we arrived we had a few hours to kill before kickoff and decided to check out the George Bush presidential library.

Politics and all that aside it was a pretty neat place.

This made me laugh.

What we did before twitter

What do you want to bet he is typing on to carbon paper too...oh wait no it had to be that newfangled carbonless paper that still made a duplicate copy. Magic I tell ya

And what isn't funny about this?

Ahll give your sled bahck...Ahftah this run

I imagine the secret service were less than enthused.

Hero Husband is always trying to convince me that the world would be a much better place if everyone would just do things his way. I don't know that a job change, even of this magnitude, would really mean people have to do it your way honey, but you look great behind the podium and I hear the house you get comes with some awesome Christmas decorations I could use so have at it.

Oh and we got to see a piece of the Berlin Wall. Explaining what it was to Super Son and Miss Thing earned me a few wide eyed "REALLY Mama?"s

The flags were pretty

and boy howdy thanks for the breeze. It was HOT

So we took a bus to Kyle Field

There were Aggies everywhere.

Everybody we came across said Howdy.

It was neat.

There were some Louisiana Tech fans on the bus with us.

They all sat together. In the back of the bus. It was cute how they all stuck together. Blue shirts in a sea of maroon

This whole sea of maroon thing will become a theme. Just wait.

So the organizers stole Hero Husband and the rest of his team mates to line up and figure out what they were supposed to be doing. I was on my own.

Here I go!

Wow! This place is huge.

Last time I was this close to the turf I was on the drill team in high school and after the game we were invited on to the field. I am sure there were pictures or something to be taken. I think we were in Waco. Anyway I remember taking the last step down onto the field and being assaulted with the most funky smell I had ever encountered.

Remember at the time I was living in the country with dogs, horses and three sisters. It is a testament to the odious nature of the funk.

This isn't really relevant to the story except that Kyle Field didn't stink.

Call it a breeze or ventilation, but I suspect it may have something to do with the awesome that is everywhere.

Oh and look, the Louisiana Tech Fans are here!

Howdy guys!

I know there is a lot of maroon here, but really, we are happy to see you!

awww look at them over there

So then the Corp of Cadets do their thing

There were lots of uniforms.

Did you know that Texas A&M historically has produced more military officers than any other institution, except for the service academies (West Point and the like). More than 200 of A&M's graduates have become generals or admirals.

I'm all about public service. Oh and I like uniforms

These three in all their seriousness looked ready to solve all the problems of the world.

If they can coordinate and manage the forty million cadets that were running around I would guess that they just might be able to do it too.

I am still not entirely sure what this was all about

but there was this one girl with a pair of black patent peep...

Sorry, I got a little distracted

I'm not sure how I would feel about watching an A&M game in heels. The tradition is to stand through out the game.

Football in Texas is a really big deal.

Even this was a bit of a surprise to me though

I ruminated on why a survey crew would be on the field for all of 45 seconds before accosting them.

Turns out the actual stadium flexes during games and they periodically survey the structure when the fans are all present to see if it is still within tolerances.

Apparently it is.

Good to know.

So A&M is the only University that I know of (and could find with a Google search) that doesn't have cheerleaders. (I reserve the right to be wrong about this statement and you may feel free to correct me)

They have Yell Leaders.

Elected by the student body the Yell Leaders, well... they lead the cheering and yelling that happens during a game.

By my observation they also run around a lot.

But as I said, it's a pretty big place.

Kickoff is getting closer

Oh hey it's Hero Husband.

Hi Honey! Nice shades

Okay so Kyle Field is really big.

And this day Kyle Field was packed with fans.

This place is easily one of the loudest places I have ever been.

The time came to honor those first responders and to mark the anniversary of 9/11 with a moment of silence.

The entire place fell silent. The only noise that you could hear was the chains clapping against the flag poles as they too stood at attention.

It was amazing.

I was really glad that I didn't have to cough

Then the teams took to the field.

The band played and the Aggie War Hymn

And then we got down to business

We were sitting at the goal line so while the action was happening at the other end of the field we payed a lot of attention to this.

Hey wait a minute. Who is that?

Dang I bet they have a good view of things

These two were pleased with themselves for something. I didn't actually see it, but hey it's hard not to be enthusiastic when they are so proud of themselves.

There was a group of people on the other side of the stadium wearing neon yellow.

Never actually saw the shirts up close, but they stood out.


This little Aggie was sitting just a few people down. He was armed so I didn't mess with him.

Just before halftime there was some crazy stuff that happened on the field. Hero Husband could tell you all about it. Anyway, there was a penalty and the time for the first half had run out. The Aggies got one un-timed down. I looked over to Hero Husband and said

"You know what would be awesome?"

he didn't answer me

"If they took this one down and ran some crazy play and ran it all the way for a touchdown."

He shook his head, laughed at me and said "Yep that would be awesome."

Funny thing is

They did just that!

After that and what happened in Boston I am pretty sure I might be a sports oracle or something.

Oh Yeah! Halftime!

Here comes the band!

The crazy formations these people make are enough to make me dizzy.

I would be the idiot lost in the middle.

If I could play an instrument.

I could probably play the triangle.

I think they make the chick with the triangle stand on the sidelines anyway.

It's probably for the best.

Anybody know who this guy is or what he is doing.

Or wear he found a giant orange oven mitt.

Never having been a student at A&M and this being my first game at Kyle Field I was perplexed quite a few times during the game. I asked those lovely Aggies around me to explain what the hissing was about. Apparently Aggie's don't boo at sporting events, they hiss. Why? Because T.U. (Otherwise known as UT Austin) students boo.

Incidentally they never lose. They are occasionally outscored, or they run out of time. But they never lose.

It was a bit like hanging out with the cool kids and being ridiculously inept as you tried to figure it all out. They knew all the chants, hand signals and whoops. They were very nice to me as I learned.

Incidentally, when they score on the field tradition dictates that you kiss your date so that the Aggie's in the stands get to score too.

I think this is my favorite tradition.

Oh hey the girls in the black heels are back.

In sandals.

Smart girls.

So the Aggie's won the game. (lots of smooches)

We got to walk around on the field afterwards. It was crazy how many kids had their own balls and were playing mini-games all over the place.

I think I stepped on two


on accident

It was the best night ever!


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