Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The longest awesomest birthday week ever

I had a birthday. It lasted for an entire week.

Awesome I tell you.

If you don't mind getting older that is. Which I don't seem to.

This tendency started when I was quite young.

For my fourth birthday I requested a bra and a lunchbox. This was shortly after I requested
that my mom hand me the razor so I could shave my legs.

I was granted at two of my requests at least.

Hero Husband and I celebrated the actual day with some live music.

Kalu James started things out. Guy has some mad skills. I loved listening to him and have
since bought his album on itunes.

He tweets about upcoming shows and stuff. You should totally go see him if you can.

Then we moved on to the Bob Schneider part of the evening.

I feel like I should say more, but really, that kind of says it all.

Oh wait, he has a cello, fiddle, accordion and trumpet in his band.

Oh yeah and he sings a song about the Hulk,

Channels Barry White,

and apparently he knew it was my birthday cause he sang this.

I kid.

Kind of.

I love that song.

Then there was dinner with the girls at Garrido's (yes, again...pork carnitas can change the world)

and then dinner with my family where this little thing couldn't resist showing off.

Super Son & Miss Thing took the whole "what's mine is yours" mentality a little too far.

Seriously kids I love you, but those are my birthday candles.

Okay, we will blow together on 3


dang it you little stinkers. What ever happened to 3?

Oh well. I get to eat my birthday key lime pie and that makes it all better.

For the record. The best key lime pie in the universe.

The only thing that could have made it better is someone giving me the recipe for said key lime pie.

A girl has to have something to hold out for right.

Happy Birthday to me!

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