Monday, September 06, 2010

Mandy Lauderdale

Mandy Lauderdale is an unexpected little gem of a bombshell that I have attached myself to.

Thankfully she hasn't pressed charges yet or gotten a restraining order.

You should check out her cabaret show. It was so good I nearly kissed a girl. Oh and then there is the little thing where she lets one of her audience members tie up their date and decorate them with red lipstick. Watch out Hero Husband!

Plus she has awesome hair and an killer vintage polka dot skirt that I think I will steal if the chance presents itself.

That or I will make her go thrifting with me so her luck can rub off.

This particular night she was at Garridos who's carnitas taco plate and margaritas make it totally worth the traffic to get there.

So without further blathering from me....

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