Sunday, September 05, 2010

What I did today...okay it was last week

So my buddy Mommy Geekology posted about "A day in the life of" photography project last week or the week before. You get the jist. I am behind

Great idea I say to myself. I should totally do that.

Then I realized I don't know how sure I am that I want it documented that I stopped at Conan's to pick up the best deep dish pizza in Austin for dinner

just before heading to My Fit Foods to pickup my meals for the next day.

Or that I was wearing flipflops to work.

Hey no judging.

I had to water the plants for the boss man while he was out of town.

Or that I bought a bottle of sangria at ten in the morning

again you with the judging! Oy vey!

I picked up the sangria cause it looked tasty on my way to grab some sliced fruit for breakfast.

Or for heaven's sake, that my whole freakin day ended up being about food.

So I scrapped the project and missed the linking deadline. Be nice and I'll save some sangria for you.

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