Monday, September 20, 2010

What's a city girl to do?

What's a country girl living the city life (admittedly with a huge back yard) supposed to do when her offspring get a hankerin' for the country life.

Slap hats on all the naked heads and invade the ranch of your nearest and dearest.

There they put you to work and let you think that it is all play time.

Combing horses

Hanging out with horses

Hi Quin

Gathering the tack

All work that masquerades as fun

And then you get to go ride


Wait a minute

You mean I drove all the way out here,

helped with all the work

and I don't get to ride?

Sorry buggers.

Quin and I will just sit here and hang out.

She has long eyelashes like me.

I suspect she doesn't pay for hers.

We bonded.

Riley did they leave you behind too?

Well at least I am in good company

And now for more work disguised as play.

No Cody, I can do it myself.

You walk over there.

You seein' this Mama.

I can do it myself.

Excuse me while I go cry

and then hang out with Donna, drink a beer, make dinner

and make plans to watch the Ranch Rodeo with her next month.

Cody and Hannah were Super Son & Miss Thing's age when we all became family.

I forbid them from growing up any more

But when you live in a place like this I just don't think they can help but grow like weeds.

Reaching for the sun.

Alas my wee ones it is time to go home.

Hey check it out do you see that deer?

Where's it goin' Mama?

Back to the woods baby

Can I shoot him?

Nope son not yet.

Aw Mom.

Oh hey kids look over there. It's a Mama turkey with her babies.

They're called chicks Mom. Tell me again why we can't live out here?

*Sigh* I'm sure I'll remember by the time we get home.

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